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Monday, June 7, 2010


I thought everyone might want to see this healing chant that a friend emailed to me this morning.  I plan to use it during the new moon to help in the healing of our coastal waters and shores.

Healing energy of all life,
We call unto you on this night.
Bring the wisdom that they can start,
To find the healing for your heart.
By earth and land and winds that blow,
Protect your waters and the creatures below.
By sea and wave that feed our shores,
Stop this bleeding of the oceans core.
We give our energy unto your power,
Hand and hand united in this hour.
By the tide of oceans and of seas,
Unto this healing, 
blessed be

*NOTE *  I found where my friend got the chant above. I supplied a link in the title.   Check out the site it's pretty cool.

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