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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm up and at em this morning. Those 2 days down seemed to energize me to no end. I already started and finished 2 loads of laundry and swept, dusted and vacuumed. I weeded the front gardens of all the little pecan sprouts. Them suckers are trying to take over my garden ! It's only 11:06 and I'm already bored.

David had tilled up the right side of the yard inside the fenced in area by the pecan tree over the weekend. He planted grass in there. Third time trying. I keep asking to let me turn it all into a flower/veggy garden so he would have less area to mow. I would love to make it my secret garden. I already have the 6 foot Robin Hood Rose hedge growing along the fence. Putting in a veggy garden by the composter. Then having Hastas and Marigolds under the Pecan tree. Oh the flowers I would have. I could even put my Patchouli plants and my huge Rosemary out there. Damn!!
But he is determined to get grass to grow or die trying.

*sigh* Whatever... I was going to water but it  looks as though rainclouds are building up. When I first moved out here to this part of Texas, it always looked like rain. Boy was I fooled. It's just the haze from fog that will burn off by noon. Dismal at best. I still think it's gonna rain...maybe just sprinkle a bit. But it will be another hot one today. Nothing, mind you, like the 3 digit temps my family is having back home. But just enough to make you thank whoever invented the air conditioner. I also never knew I could breath underwater. Shit!!! When the humidity gets anywhere above 80% that"s what it feels like. Almost reminds me of Maryland when I was a kid. At least back in El Paso it was a dry heat. I could go out in the noon day sun and not drop dead right away. Humidity out here will cut you to your knees faster then a MF. I often wish I could hang laundry out to dry in the mornings but it would still be wet by dinner time. I miss fresh sheets and towels that have been hanging outside. That clean smell, mmmmm. Oh well.

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