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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Ahhhh yes, another sleepless night in Texas. It's raining nice and steady right now. Started at about 11:30 or so I suppose. Those are the kinds of nights I love. With a light rain and a little thunder thrown in for good measure... I could wake David up and... umm never mind.  The thunder is starting to get louder. That storm is getting the babies a bit spooked. Comforting  my favorite  little Boston, Lucy Belle is good enough for me. She has moved to the pillow in back of me on my Executive chair. I have to sit with that thing the pillow, not Lucy, for comfort. But she loves to be constantly near momma, at least when momma is available.

I read a recent blog post about the reasons why you should never sleep with your pets. That kind of bothered me. I happen to not mind it when Lucy, Spunky and Pebbles want to sleep with me. David and I keep the puppies, yes I call them puppies because they are my fuzzy babies...well we keep them very clean and healthy. They take Comfortis for the flea problem and we give them their Heart worm meds every month as directed. We give them baths every weekend and keep them well groomed. David says he has never had such clean little house dogs in his life. We had them all spayed and neutered, and they see the vet, God they love the vet,  when they need their checkups. I say if your pets are kept healthy and clean, sure let them share your bed if you want them to, just not all the time and not every night. Make sure they understand that they have their own place to sleep just like you do.

Anywho, they like to come and sleep with me during the day when I'm not feeling good. Lucy and Pebbles actually fight over who is gonna sleep next to "momma". I think they yell dibs for whoever gets to me first. Seems like all three of them also call shotgun when I take them for rides to the park to let them run. They are constantly fighting over me just like little kids...and boy, do they hold a grudge !!  Sometimes, when I have to yell at them to stop arguing, I never spank them, They will ignore me as if I wasn't there. Spunky will  ignore me like he was a 16 year old boy. I swear it's true. He will turn his head away from me if I ask him if he needs to go outside. Like he's saying "yeah,  whatever mom."

Spunky(picture on left - he has OCD bad) is the only male Boston. We've had him for 7 years now. He is David's walking buddy. I swear those two go through withdrawal symptoms if they don't get to go walking at least twice a day. Spunky used to be the Alpha dog ... not anymore. Spunky has one bane in life and that's Lucy.

Lucy (see the picture on right with David) Belle is the youngest of the three puppies we have and the other Boston of the group. She is 3 years old and a daddy's girl. She has one passion and that is to tease anyone and anything that crosses her path. She has to tease poor Spunky every chance she gets. I think she dreams of new ways to do bad things to him while she sleeps. She is the instigator in all arguments between the puppies. She steals the toys from the toy box and hides them in her bed. David and I have found many a toy missing for days, stashed in her blankets like lost treasures. I have a saying... Most puppies have fleas, Spunky and Pebbles have Lucy.
That finally brings me to poor, poor, little Pebbles. She is the second oldest, 6 years old in the group. She is a Boston-Chihuahua mix that we rescued from a puppy farm. They were going to use her to breed with Bostons to make them smaller. She is all black and white with markings like a Boston Terrier. She was very skittish when we first got her...still is, the poor little baby. It took us 2 years to get her to come out of her shell, to even get the guts to come to me on her own. She must have been SO abused when those creeps had her. There are times that I feel like crying because she is still so scared of people.  Thank the Goddess for Lucy. If it wasn't for her, Pebbles would probably still be like she was the first day we brought her home. Instead of now, the feisty little devil and her accomplice in crime, Lucy,  are constantly thinking up new ways to make The Spunker's life miserable. Poor, poor Spunky.


  1. Such sweet little babies.

    We've always had boxers. We used to let them (2) sleep with us in our king sized bed but when we got a new queen sized bed there just wasn't room for 2 80lb. dogs : ( Also, when I got pregnant, I became paranoid that my schizo boxer Dempsey would step on my belly. Anywho, they are still invited into the bed if I'm solo (hubby's on a trip or I'm just not feeling well).

    Me loves dogs too.

  2. If you were talking about my blog post, I'm sorry it bothered you. I actually listed reasons why "I" would never sleep with my pets. LOL

    Your dogs look so sweet!!


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