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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tammy Faye Lives On, I kid You Not

I've been trying to recuperate from my latest back injections. The heating pad is again my best friend as well as my drugs. David won't let me do a freaking thing around here...not even dust. So I've been living the life of a spoiled housewife in a dirty house, ugh! Reading out on the front porch all morning until it gets hot and then lying in bed watching trailer trash on Jerry Springer. Who makes up that bullshit on his show anyways. It's so infantile I can't stand it. So I'm stuck mostly watching whatever comes on at the moment. I do more surfing then Californians.
Anywho, I was flipping through channels like the speed of sound and all of a sudden something caught me. I haven't seen this crap in like in a couple of decades. It was on some channel called TBN...KHCE in San Antonio. There was a black guy, hunched over, eyes pinched shut with a pained look on his face like he hadn't taken a shit in a month. In his hand he had a red satin looking cloth. He was hawking "prayer cloths" of all things. Now don't get me wrong but I don't care much for people like that. Selling a piece of material that you can get at the local Wal-Mart for maybe 50 cents. Come on!!! I can't believe they were doing that still. And worst of all sheep were still falling for it.  Then of all things Tammy Faye Bakker's replacement came on and I couldn't turn away. I told you I was bored.  Jeezuz H. Christ !!! Damn near fell off the couch watching and laughing at all this crap. David came home for lunch and I was still laughing. I told him I saw Tammy Faye's double/ replacement today. The broad must have gone to the " Tammy Faye Bakker School of Make-up Application." She was a sight! Everything was fake on her. Even her lips. She had the worst lip job I have ever seen on a bitch. Just plain FUGLY as shit!! I ran to my computer to show David what she looked like. Her Name is Jan Crouch and it wasn't hard to find ugly. I mean DAYUM!!!! My eyes were starting to hurt. David's smile dropped to a grimace like EEEeeeewwww!! What the fuck is that??!!
Tammy Faye's alive!!!!


  1. I know this post is 100 years old, but I just found it.. Hells Bells.. lol you need to be puttin' "This Post May Be Hazardous To Your Health" on some of what I have been reading here this afternoon.. I am just outta hospital, nursing pneumonia, home alone and trying not to laugh,choking coughing, and in need of Depends. Asides all that thank you for the get well wishes :-)


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