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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Well I made it. I know I said I would be out for a couple of days but HA!!! I lied. I feel pretty good this morning. I had my coffee ...still in my jammys but hey, I'm up. That's what counts right now for me.

Yesterday morning, David drove my painful ass to the Christus Santa Rosa -Physicians Ambulatory Center for that Radiofrequency Ablation procedure, other wise known as Lumbar Facet Injection. Boy they come up with fascinating names for little things. Anywho, they wasted no time with me. I checked in at 8 am Wednesday morning for the procedure at 9 am.  I think I spent all of 3 minutes just settling into one of the nice comfy chairs there and they called me back, piled me into a gown and soxs and a hair net. Then went over the procedure with me as they gave me a great drug cocktail. I didn't have time to blink before they wheeled me into the freezing OR and flipped me onto my stomach and hooked me up to this and that and what not. Then the doctor came in stuck my butt cheeks with a needle that felt like it had a hook on the end and numbed my back. It felt like 5 minutes but it was done in 15. I won't say it didn't hurt a bit cause I would be lying my ass off on that one. I felt like my legs were being sawed off. It hurt like shit cause he was killing the nerves in my back on both sides. I nearly fainted from the pain. The nurse told David I had a violent reaction to the procedure and next time they will give me an IV instead of the pill to make me feel better. It was really bad. She said I had a reaction similar to going into shock. I was wheeled out almost as fast as I was wheeled in and in recovery for only 15 minutes or so. When we left it was 9am.  WOW!!! HUH!!! I spent the day in pain lying in bed with ice packs sitting on my ass ... David said I'm gonna have some cold shit ahahahahhaaa. But today I feel pretty great. Just a bit tired still from yesterday, and my back just aches a little like I lifted a bunch of heavy sacks all morning. I already finished the laundry and vacuumed this morning...David will kill me when he finds out ...but WTF ... I needed to do something. I was going stir crazy. Right now I feel like dancing... maybe later.
 Thank you Inannasstar, for the warm sweet comment on Tuesday ...Love you kiddo... I'm feeling great now thanks. :)
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