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Friday, June 11, 2010


For the longest time ... about 2 weeks now, I've been asking other bloggers if they would help me by telling me where they got the HTML code for their scrolling button box. Nobody has returned any email about it with any info. Well I found the HTML code, go to this site:
Follow her instructions and then come back and follow mine below in the bold text to add the buttons to it.

I hope you put a title on it...Say like - "My Button Collection" 

Now, you have to get rid of the text that says :

This is where you add the HTML codes for your favorite buttons! ( You can add as many as you like!) 

Highlight all that on the HTML code and then hit the backspace key to erase it, if you don't do that it will show up in your scrolling box. When you finish doing all that, the two > < will meet and that part will say center">  </marquee with nothing in between but your cursor, with center" > on the left of your cursor and </marquee on the right. There should be no spacing YET. Now hit your ENTER key once. Your cursor should now be on the next line with:
</marquee . Where that cursor ended up is where you will put the HTML code for the button you want in there. Then at the end of THAT button HTML code you will hit the ENTER key and then add the next button code and so on and on. Each time you hit the ENTER  key is how much space you will have between buttons on the scroll.
Okay now you have the box ready with the buttons all added. The next thing is very critical...that's why I told you to save the code in your notebook on your computer. If you make mistakes or erase something you can click Remove and start over.

Click SAVE and then REVIEW to see what it looks like on your blog.

Now go back and play with the width and height numbers.

Where it says width and height the numbers 200 and 400 can be adjusted to fit the space on your sidebars. Go ahead and play with it when you get the buttons added. I have mine set at  WIDTH 210 and HEIGHT 300. Check mine out on the left side.

The number 5 adjusts for the speed... I left that alone. It's set at a perfect speed for me, but you might want it at 4 for a little slower.

Click SAVE and then PREVIEW  to see what it looks like. If you don't like it then keep playing with it until it's just the way you want it. 

Don't forget to click the SAVE button every time you want to view it or it might all disappear. You never know. If you have questions then put it in comments or email me. Comment anyways and don't forget to add my button to your new scroll.

Have fun playing with this and have a great weekend.
Brightest Blessings!


  1. Hey Girl! I hit reply when you emailed me and sent it along, I'm sorry it was lost in cyberspace : ( I never dis bloggers lookin' for some help, karma's a bitch and I'm always lookin' for help ; )

  2. I never got that email hon, sounds like it got lost just like sox in a dryer. Oh well, at least you let me know now. Thanks darlin, I just figured either you or Kris got so busy. But no harm done, I hope. You guys inspired me to do this blog and I am happy to know y'all.


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