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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

Outside my window it's a beautiful day but it's like 25 fucking cold degrees out there. I just saw my next door neighbors cat freeze in place while walking. OMG! The wind just blew him over. That's one frozen pussy cat.

I'm thinking that maybe one more day I can put off going out in this freezing weather to get my bloodwork drawn. Just until summer when it's much warmer...maybe.

I am thankful for warm puppies. They love to cuddle and be cuddled. Especially warm Boston puppies like I have. Maybe I can wait one more day. Nah. I better get this done and go.

I am wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Hmmmm Meatballs on a bed of fettuccine with a mushroom wine sauce and green beans. MMmmmmm sounds yummy. Mmkay got dinner.

I'm wearing navy blue Bendover Pants by Levis, and an old lab scrubs top from when I worked in the lab. I love my scrubs cause they feel like PJ's. On my feet are my Killer Bunny slippers and I have my hair in a ponytail. What a picture of bewitching beauty, huh.

I am going to have my blood drawn this afternoon so the results will be in my doctor's hands when he sees me next Tuesday afternoon. He thinks that my Fibromyalgia is not what I am really suffering from. He thinks it's Polycythemia vera which is a Myeloproliferative disease.  Sad thing is, I think he's so right on this one.

I'm hearing David, who is home for lunch, playing with Spunky. He likes to throw the ball through the dining/living rooms because it's such a long running area for him. David gets a kick out of watching Spunky run into the front door.That puppy has no fear.

A few plans I have for the rest of this week  ... I need to refresh my alters and repot my rubber tree that sits outside. I also need to go to Home Desperate Depot and get some Four o'clock seeds. I want red and white flowers this year. The seeds are round and hard so I need to prestart them on my seed rack. When they sprout I'll dip them in rooting hormone powder and plant them in small pots until April. I also need to replant some Robin Hood Rose vines that I rooted this winter, and my bougainvillea rootings too.
I need to check on the trees in the yard to see what needs pruning of dead branches from the Pecans. Then David and I are going to be cleaning out the gutters, cleaning the yard, and  then run screaming mad out for pizza. Yes I'm a pizzaholic. I go to PA twice a month but it doesn't help.
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