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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Want This

I have always wanted a very small cottage to play around in. Something that I could have a veggy garden nearby and beautiful wild flower garden all around it with a small set of comfy Adirondack chairs and a table outside for tea or eating lunch. A big comfy set of chairs and a place to sleep when I get tired of reading or while listening to music. Just a pretty little place to get away from everyone. Something like this below. How about you?


  1. Oh yes, would love one of these. Might ged rid of the sofa though so I could just move all my crafty crap in!

  2. Yes, yes, yes....without all the puffy white and pink touches. I like more earth-tones. Minor details's so pretty :)

  3. Speaking of crafty crap, where'd they hide the toilet?

  4. Perfect!! a little too frilly, but then I would redecorate! but besides that... what more do you need!

  5. I love the outside but as TW and Judith said I would have to redecorate.

  6. oh wow when can i move in??? its wonderful :)im hoping my sumerhouse will look as nice when its up x x x

  7. I also adore the books above the bed. What a marvelous retreat.

  8. I would want that as a retreat away from everything. My personal space. All it's missing is the shotgun to keep anyone from intruding...


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