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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Back For Good... Well So Far... Then You're On Your Own

I really need to overhaul my blog page. This place is starting to look like a dump!  I haven't changed a thing in months. I mean really, how can a girl stay legally at the same weight for so long. But I do have to change that diet  ticker. I went on a binge and gained back 5lbs. Yeppers, I fell off the wagon with a big ol' plop. It's amazing nobody got killed.  I got all depressed the past two weeks over my back pain situation, DM leaving us, and a few other things that will just get me back into the hole again if I start talking about it, so I won't go there if you don't mind. But I really gotta get this place cleaned up. What a DUMP!!!

David has gone full Farmer Ted now. He wants me to come with him to the plant center at Home Desperate so I can help him pick out herbs, peppers, and other goodies. Since I taught him what to do when transplanting weeks ago he has gone hog wild crazy. He got all excited  before going to work this morning when he noticed that he has flowers on his tomato plants. He actually came into the bedroom and woke me up at 5AM to tell me about it. Someone sell me a gun, PLEASE!! He also is going full force with the grass replacement deal on the front lawn. He does a little plot of about 20 feet each weekend. He said he won't know when they will stop carrying the carpet grass at Home Desperate so he does a little at a time just in case. When he found out that they get their new grass in every Thursday morning, he about had a boner. I tell ya he's gone crazy.

Me on the other hand, I'm missing DM and her daily Jersey styled rants. She made us laugh and think and laugh some more. I won't be taking down her button anytime soon, maybe never. Who knows, she may return and give us all what for and then some in her own way. Goddess I sure hope it's soon cause I do miss her dearly as many of you, my minions.

Since I was confined to bed for a while now I have been bored out of my gourd, let me tell ya. I only had the TV to keep me sane and most of what is on it is insane. I hate watching TV most pf the time. I only watch a few shows and the news. So I went crazy for a while until David granted me clearance to downlaod a shit bag of books for my Sony Reader, and went out and even bought me a DVD player to watch movies. I made him take it back cause I can watch movies on Little Hal, my Mini HP. I love that little guy. He's so cute! and does everything a big computer does but in a smaller way. I can also pack him into my purse and take him with me everywhere.

Antwho, I downloaded only two books that I dearly wanted. David doesn't understand my love for Vamps and Witches and their kind. I think it's really a female gene we ladies carry and hand down to our daughters, cause it's a female thang, you guys just wouldn't understand.

Well, I have been waiting for both books like for the longest time. Kim Harrison has been my reading material since I started working in the lab at night in the hospital out here six years ago. I do love the way she writes. Rachel is a  kick ass, take names then kick their ass some more kind of gal. And then Charlaine Harris is crazy great reading. Sometimes it's hard to put down a book from either one of these women and I find myself having to go back and reread previous books just to stay entertained until another book comes out. I just started Pale Demon and already wondering what the next book will be about.

The puppies have been keeping me company the past weeks, more like sleeping all day at the bottom of the bed all damned day long. Lazy little bugs. I went to see my doctor for a follow-up and came home and they acted like I was gone for years. Jumping all over me and such. Jeeze!! I go to see another Orthopedic Back Doctor on Friday, a cutter and yes tomorrow. I wonder what he is going to say when he sees my MRI that I got last week. It shows that I have a disc clearly bulging between L4 and L5 and a slight bulge with L3 and L4. Yuck!! When I told David what I saw on the MRI pictures when we got home with them he said - you always read too much into it and then it's not that bad when the doctor gets back to you. Well guess what??!! I know what I saw cause my Pain doctor called me and said the same thing that I saw. :P So Nyagh.  Whatever!!

MMkay so I really went overboard and I get the feeling y'all will probably say, meh. But this is a really long blog entry and I would have folded on the second paragraph. So my apologies. I have an appointment with a cutter tomorrow and I don't know what mood I'll be in when I get home. So take this for what it's worth and enjoy a long post for once from me cause I may not ever do this again. Yeah right!!


  1. Got a candle burning for the doctor you're seeing tomorrow- I think he may just need it.
    Love Charlaine Harris! Have you read any of her mystery series? They rock. Can't stand the Trueblood Tv series though..they butcher the characters. Watched 1 episode and almost gagged.

  2. First, me too. I miss DM.....lots. But we will be okay....won't we?????
    Sorry about your back. I've been meaning to tell you that but it sounds so hollow. I'd be on the other side of the moon scared shitless if I were facing back surgery. I need to have this "thing" growing out of my wrist and I keep acting like it's not there, even when I can't sleep at night because of the life of it's own it has. Heartbeat and all.
    Be well, I'll read all the way to the end no matter how long.....but can't promise I'll comment every time. I'm an big time slacker.
    The Olde Bagg

  3. Glad to see you back around here. And yes, I miss DM too. Here's hoping she comes back soon.

  4. I want more puppy pictures on your blog, and I want DM back :-( We should start a support group or a petition or something, or track down her # and prank call her until she starts blogging again. We can go all vigilante-fan on her.

  5. Just finished reading BOTH books you mentioned! Ahhhhhhh Love them!

  6. You are all a bunch of awesome bitches....but the biggest bitch of them all is back ; )

    I hope those dumbass docs figure your shit out with your back. I can't imagine what you're going through girlie.

  7. MMMMmmm, I think I just saw that DM is back??

    Anyway, I'm thinking about ya and sending love and light your way...

  8. My girlfriend just got the... hell I can't remember what it's called!!!! when you have a baby, they give you this block in your spine... whatever it's called, she just had it done, and she's got much more damage then you, and even had the rods going down her spine (that surgery didn't help at all!!!) But these spinal thingies help a lot, last time she had it done, no pain for almost 5 years... then she belly danced herself back into pain, and had to have the shots again... she's pain free and happy!


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