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Monday, June 13, 2011

Clean Meter

I was over at this blog called this weekend. This dude is sick, crazy, and weird, sorta like me but he's funny as shit and you guys should really check him out. Oh he lives for comments so please comment on his blog. Mejis is the one who turned me on to him. Well not a real turn on, just showed me to his blog and shit.

Jeeeeze!! Anywho, I found this cool Clean Meter on his blog and he got it from which is another sick twisted blogger like me. Check it out! I should be in jail. I made a sexual solicitation ahahahahhahaaa. I'm such a blogger whore. Fuck, I really have to bring up the profanity shit a bit. Who the fuck did I insult!  8 times too! This is total shit. What does Clean Meter know anyways. But if you want to know, just clean  out my shitty blog name where it says Enter website below, and try your blog title. It's fun, safe, clean, and soooo full of shit! Have fun my dear sick readers.

Clean Meter™ helps decide if it is safe to visit a website.

Protect yourself by checking a site BEFORE you view it.

Enter Website:   


Clean Meter for

Detailed Report:
Sexual references: 3
References to sexual clothing: 2
Sexual solicitation: 1
Crude anatomical references: 3
Sexual profanity: 16
Vulgarity: 23
Sexual orientation terms: 1
Insults: 8
References to deity: 1
Profanity/swearing: 2

Internet Safety Tip:
Place your computer in a high traffic area such as the kitchen or family room rather than in your child's bedroom.


  1. OMFG... This is awesome! XD

    I'm rather disappointed in myself, however... My blog is only slightly in the red, I've only once made a crude anatomical reference and have only seven vulgarities... Apparently I don't blog the way I speak, as it was once commented to me that I swear a lot... like, A LOT, a lot... And was asked if my fav word is 'fuck'... It's definitely fucking one of 'em! XD


  2. Omg I'm only in the yellow???!! Well fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck!

  3. This is what I got at clean meter : ) Also, I think it's fucking hilarious that it's run by mormons.

    Sexual references: 15
    Potential sexual references: 4
    Sexual solicitation: 6
    Terms referring to pornography: 3
    Crude sexual references: 1
    Anatomical references: 2
    Crude anatomical references: 24
    Sexual profanity: 23
    Vulgarity: 38
    Sexual orientation terms: 1
    Insults: 2
    References to alcohol: 7
    References to deity: 7

  4. So I'm looking at my referral stats today, and I see a handful of people coming from this blog I have never heard of.

    "How the fuck are they getting from there to here?" I ask...

    Ah, good old cleanmeter. :D

    And I'm loving this blog! I've spent about 15 minutes on your site looking over different posts, and WOO I have another person to stalk!

    Great job, and thanks for the shoutout. <3

  5. I'm in the exact same boat as that crazy Idahoan up there.

    Stats, people from here and all that jazz.

    Thanks for the props!

    I dig this blog. Like, a lot. So, you know, I'll be around.

    Keep it (un)clean!


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