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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Ho

Yes I'm a blog ho. I registered myself at the for three catagories.

Best Blog About Stuff
Best Humor Blog
Freakiest Blog

Please go and sign up and then find my blog and vote for me. I appreciate it my minions.


  1. i signed up and voted.. good luck!

  2. Done you shameless blog ho. Sea Witch

  3. Thank you both so much! Yes, I know I'm a shameless blog ho *sigh* but what can I say.

  4. Thanks! Joining you in blog ho-ing, I signed up too for religion blog!

    Feel free to come over and plug your blog on mine! :-D

  5. vote for mine health, best freakish and humor

  6. I'm down with blog hoeing. If I had known on time, I would have voted for you. I was wondering why you having been posting lately, then I realized that I stopped following you without realizing it. Anyhoo, I'm back to stalk you ;-)

  7. Baby girl, never say you are a stalker. Say you are persistent. That way the police won't get you on a stalking charge. BTW, welcome back my dear. BWAAHAHAhahahahahahaahahaaaaasnort! excuse me!


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