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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great Back To School Sale Going On For The Parents


  1. Fuck Yeah! The pharmacy is also having a sale on Thorazine for the last couple of weeks of Summer.

  2. now when they put rum on sale i'll be a happy mamma

  3. And this .... is why I love you. But what's with them there teensy little bottles? This bitch bought a box o' wine!

  4. See, now I'd think most parents would need the wine now during the summer when the kids are at home running around being crazy and not going to bed till late but still getting up early and completely screwing me out of any free time I might have without staying up till f*k o'clock in the morning and... *cough* yeah. Yay for back to school sales! I see one of my favorite reds on the bottom left... ;)

  5. Ha ha, that's hilarious and ingenious! I like it.


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