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Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Excursion To The Vet's

Lucy my mushy faced little brat
It's been Lucy's time to go. David and I had been talking about it for days now. I know that she knows that we have been talking about it. She's been hiding when she can because she thinks at any moment we will be whisking her little fuzzy ass off to the Vet.

Well this morning we took her in my car. She was in the back seat whining all the way.
"It's cold back here. Let's stop for a cappuccino at Chiro Java's. Does this harness make my ass look big?" And on and on  and on like a little Jewish Princess, I swear!

When we got to the Vet's she wanted David to pick her up, then she wanted down, then back up in his arms , then down again. She was acting like a nut case. I finally grabbed her up and kept her on my lap until the nurse called us in.

She was all fine until the woman stuck the thermometer up Lucy's butt. David was holding her and Lucy looked at me as if she was saying she was being violated. Poor little Diva. Then the doc came in and Lucy would not look her in the eye. It was hilarious. She turned and hid her face in my elbow area.

Lucy on Squirrel Patrol
So the doc checked her over. She will most likely have arthritis in her right hind leg cause her kneecap was broken at one time and never healed right. We knew that when we got her. Other than that she is fit and not an ounce of fat on her. She got her shots and we took the little brat back home.

What was great about this is Lucy is good for another year and outside chasing squirrels right now with the other two puppies. It's Pebbles turn next month. Oy!!


  1. Wow, me and Lucy have so much in common! I'm like a Jewish princess and I don't like it in the backdoor either ; )

  2. No one's ever happy with a thermometer stuck up their ass.

  3. You scared me! I thought you were going to say you had to put her to sleep! So glad she good and healthy!

    1. I meant to do that darlin. It's called redirection. ahahahahhahaasnort! Sorry I'm so evil!

  4. That is a super cute picture....thanks for sharing! BTW - my cats feel the same way about the vet.....if I get the carrier out of the basement....they vanish!!! :D



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