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Monday, February 27, 2012

Kitchen Dungeon Update

So, I promised y'all pictures of the finished cabinet and drawer fronts from the psycho kitchen renovation. Well here they are kids. Let me tell you, David was completely anal about how they all came out. The whole thing had to be perfect. I mean to tell ya he was constantly sanding and then painting and then sanding that and then painting and then sanding and then ... well you get the jist of it. He's fucking anal about making sure what he does comes out perfect. And it did. The paint job inside and out is so smooth, shit, it's just like a baby's butt.

Y'all need to check out the old pictures on the link above of the kitchen before the renovation and then look at these pictures below. It's a great big fucking change. It's very bright in the kitchen now with the lights placed in the ceiling and the lighter color in the cabinets. We should be finished when David gets the income tax refund. So here are the pictures I promised.
The place where the microwave oven is used to be that fugly green oven. We put shelves and made it an open area for my pots and pans and bakeware

The purple bottle is there for reference. The ceilings are like 15 feet high.
I also asked David to put me up a rap area for foil and plastic raps under the cabinet. Very handy.

When we get rid of the counter tops the puke yellow sink will go too and be replaced with stainless

I drew the blinds on the window to cut out the light from outside to  give you an idea  of how bright  the lighting is.
I had David move the island over against the wall near the door to give an idea how big the kitchen is. To me it's just perfect.


  1. WOW, just WOW!! the before and after is AMAZING!!! Good job hubby, good job!

  2. Holy shit girl! What a difference! I've always been a big fan of bright kitchens. My cabinets are all white and I LOVE it. I bet you're happier than a pig in shit.

  3. Thanks everyone. David is very proud of his work. In fact he's very proud of the whole house that we renovated over the past 7 years. He works slowly but he's very meticulous at what he does.

  4. Looking great. I am getting ready to get a new house. If I can ever get all the prior crap needed to get it on the roll. Ugh. I wish it was over already

  5. Crap! No wonder you were unhappy in that kitchen! Felt like you had died and gone to paneling hell. What is with that stuff? Your new kitchen is wonderfully beautiful! I hope you rewarded him well!


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