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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giveaway at Megaly's New Blog

Megaly has just started a new writing blog at . If you love cool twisted stories like I am, yes, yes I am twisted, you'll check it out. She is having an $13 gift card giveaway for idea comments to a story she is working on.

So go have fun and read what she has so far and then put your take on the story. You should also read the ideas from all her readers that she has in the comments section. Some of these people are sick and twisted. Just like me.


  1. I'm a regular follower of Magaly's... love reading her posts :)

  2. Thanks a bunch for the comment love, hon *eyes are claimed by glorious red shoes on the sidebar* holy crapollas, witchy woman, those are some amazing ruby red sleepers. No wonder you want to get the filthy snatcher. I'll set my flying monkeys on the jobs.

    Now back to the comments this wonderfully-gifted minds are leaving, my goodness, I have been grinning like an insane person. They are awesome. They were so delightfully twisted that Wendi Temperance, um... I mean, Tempe (she's kind of sensitive about her name) felt the need to introduce herself. It seems she didn't want the boys to be the only ones to be on the spotlight.


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