Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet. I'm Searching For Chinese Amawican Gold. Huh huh Huh huh huh!

I was thinking of taking a drive over to New Braunfels to the HEB and Wally World to find something that has completely become like gold. I mean to tell ya it's fucking precious. People are hording this shit, they must be. Some stupid fat assed bitch with coupons is clearing the shelves of this stuff and I can't find ONE box to save my sorry craving life.

What am I talking about?  Wanchai Ferry Kung Pao Chicken. It's my favorite Bow wow Meow meow food ever! I can make it spicy or so fucking hot it burns your butt hairs off when you take a shit. It's the best ever!!

Yes, I know. I always make my own Bow wow Meow meow.  But I can never get this sauce just the right flavor. I screw it up every time and waste a complete meal. I'm an utter failure at Kung Pao sauce.

So David being the most fantastic hubby/plaything ever, went to and put us on A FUCKING WAITING LIST for it!!!  WTF!!!!  It's even on a shortage on Amazon! SHIT!!!! I'll probably get struck by lightning before I get another box of this stuff.


Lydia said...

Mmmmm, now I want kung pao chicken! And a big pat on the taint to David for thinking ahead. This is what saves you from the box of shame, my friend. Enjoy your spiciness, Evil Overlord! :-)

Judith said...

I was just bitching about the same thing... my freaking hair color is GONE! It's like searching for the golden grale to find it! I hate when they do stuff like that!!!!

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