Monday, March 19, 2012

I Hate Mondays

Hol-ee Roller Ball
Best dog toy ever cause they
last a long time.
I was sleeping so peacefully this morning. I was in the perfect position, perfect spot in bed - nice and soft, perfectly calm with not an ounce of pain until the crash in the TV room. Yes, the puppies were playing hard again and Spunkers has a Hol-ee Roller ball he likes to throw around for himself and the girls. Then they fight over it. The thing is like a massive 10 inches in diameter. Well, the Spunkinator threw it right through a window next to David's computer.

When I came hobbling into the room all three puppies were hiding under my art table. Lucy was shaking visibly as usual losing hair but that's beside the point. They knew they did bad.
"Who broke the window," I bellowed?
They pushed themselves harder into the wall to hide. I had to do everything I could to keep from laughing. I wished I could keep my camera on me more often cause these little waifs were looking so fucking cute for bad dogs.

Lucky for them that most of the glass was outside. I got David on the phone and told him about the problem. First he was pissed but then he laughed when I told him about the puppies and how they hid themselves. So now he is on the phone calling for a glass replacement and I just finished cleaning up all the mess.

As for the puppies ... their big toys are going outside now. The weather is gorgeous and not too hot for them to play more outside. David put up a tether ball for them to jump and hit at, which they dearly love. Except Spunky can't see it in the bright light of the day so he plays with it in the evening when the sun is going down. Poor old man is in his 60's now and going blind. Nothing we can do about it. The girls help him by finding his toys for him. I take him on daily walks, slower than usual cause I hobble but he doesn't seem to mind.

Right now the little brats are sleeping on their blankets in the TV room. I have plastic on the broken window space until the guy gets here in a couple of hours. All is well until the next crisis hits.


Ashley L. Evans said...

I would love to have seen them trying to hide themselves LOL

Anonymous said...

I know it's not funny.....but I can't believe those teeny tiny little sweetums BROKE A FUCKING WINDOW! buahahahhahahah!

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