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Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Annoying Shit

I can't go through a single day around here without having something piss me off to no end. So I am going to add a new post to my weekly, or is it weakly, fuck it! Whatever! Here are some of the things that fucking tick me off.

* Loud kids next door playing basketball. They scream when they throw the ball and miss the fucking basket and hit our house. This causes the puppies to bark their heads off and I have to yell at them to shut up. Not the kids the puppies.

* People who stop five fucking car lengths from the stop light for no reason except to piss me off. Or it seems that way. They can barely see above the steering wheel and they are holding on for dear life to it. If you are afraid to drive then get a friend or bus it.

* While I'm on people who left their brains in the jar beside their bed and went driving. What makes me laugh is the kids cars. Some have these loud little cars, and I do mean little, with the duel exhaust pipes to make them louder and the huge fucking wing on the back of the car. That's not a spoiler dumb ass. So WTF is that for!?
     #1 You are what I call Euro-trash. Trying to imitate fine European sports cars. It ain't working kid. Your car has gone through the shifting of all the gears and you only moved maybe 8 feet in doing so. Wow your car sounded hot and wild with that Turbo you put in, but what?!? You got nowhere.
     #2 WTF is that wing for anyways? Is it to pull your silly assed car out of a deep pot hole?!? "Yeah, guys, lets grip onto the wing and pull'er out." Gotta watch out for those pot holes while shifting.
     #3 Now there are the wheels bigger than the wheel well. Do you dumb fuckers know that it makes your car look like you got wagon wheels on? Yeah, just like in the old days of the Cowboys and Indians. It's seriously stupid looking. Funny thing is that the car looks like shit but those rims are gleaming bright and shiny, huh. Probably just one rim cost's more than the car itself.
Sorta makes you wanna think, WHY??


  1. There's a car in town... a 91 Saturn. WITH A SPOILER ON IT. A big-ass, let's race type of spoiler. I have never seen this car go faster than 30 mph, but it's ready to race at any time...

    I feel your pain.

  2. Yep...we were kids once and thought the weirdest things were cool...not any more...they're just weird now...

  3. The Boy plays basketball in our driveway with his friends almost everyday. I have the hoop far away from the neighbor's house just for that reason. Now the ball just goes into my garden, but that's my problem not theirs. I hate inconsiderate assholes.


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