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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby It's Cold In Texas

David called me early this morning after he made it to the office. He said it was so fucking cold he thinks his ass fell off before he got into his truck. When he arrived there was a wooly mammoth parked in the parking lot. Now that's fucking too cold if you ask me. Even for Texas!

He told me to just stay in bed today with the bed heater on. Hey. I have a blog to write today. Fuck that. Besides I have my own version of the Snuggie on my bod to keep me warm. That and my warm Killer Rabbit slippers for my feet.

I look a fright right now so I promise never to take a picture of myself this way. I would scare old women and scar children for life if I were to post this picture.

Anywho, I did find David's ass when I went out with the puppies a few minutes ago. Yeah, I have to go out to peal them off of the ground and fence posts. You realize I did say it was fucking cold out. Well it is.

Right now all three puppies are thawing in front of the heater. They look so cute worshiping their Heater God. Sometimes they even bring a toy or two and lay it in front of the Heater God in hopes that it will turn on for them. I always have to pick up seven or eight toys a night before bedtime. Poor little things must think the God of The Great Heater is please by their offerings so they bring more. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya.

Well poke me I'm done. I'm gonna hop back into bed and read or watch some lame ass movie on TV. Stay warm my friends.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad all we are getting is rain. lol
    Stay warm.


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