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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just a Quicky

I'm sorry about yesterday's Wet Dog Wednesday post. Go ahead and look I'll wait, I'm not that busy. Yes, it was a pretty cheesy post. So I'm sorry and I'll try to do better.

Anywho, I haven't been blogging because I've been sick. Yeah my lower back is kicking my ass so to speak and it hasn't been fun. I've been stuck in bed on a heating pad and alternating ice packs.

I missed my step-daughter's birthday lunch at Franklin's in Austin on Saturday. David said I would have been in the ER at Brack if I had to wait in line like they did. They didn't get in until almost 12:30 and they stood in line since 9am. Go to and put in Franklin's BBQ and a whole shit load of videos will come up on them.

He said it was hot waiting in line. Next time he said he'll take folding chairs and an umbrella. But he said the wait was worth it because the BBQ was heavenly. Thank the Goddess he brought home a humongous bag of stuff for me us. He put it all away in the fridge until dinner. Oh and what a dinner it was!

David has been eating via fast food joints because I'm layed out. I have no appetite when I'm in pain. I've been drinking water and eating a few saltines when I'm taking my daily pills. That's about it. But last night I forced myself to eat something. I was getting way too weak.

David will have to go and get a new AC unit for the Media room. It went out yesterday afternoon. It was spewing water everywhere and making that rattling noise like something was caught in it. We actually moved it from the bedroom into here when it started the noise before. That was a year and a half ago. David was going to throw it out when it started to work fine again but we moved it from the bedroom into here just the same. David didn't want to hear it begin to rattle in the middle of the night and have a wet floor.

So out it goes tomorrow since David has off. He will be making his weekly trek to Home Desperate for a new AC. I know the first trip will be to write down prices and models to talk it over with me, then he will be distracted by power tools or anything else that makes him turn into a grunting Neanderthal. Then he'll return with stuff he never intended on buying.

The second trip will be for the AC unit and some cool tools he thought about buying the first time he was there. It's true!! The man cannot go to Home Desperate without getting some sort of tool, along with what he went there for. More on this subject tomorrow.

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