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Thursday, August 29, 2013


This morning I went to get blood siphoned because I have a doctor's appointment next week Thursday. They tapped off three vials. If I had known they were going to take that much I would have called them earlier this morning when I stubbed my toe on the bedroom door and bled all over the fucking house looking for a band-aid. I nearly started a zombie apocalypse with all that blood.

Yes, I tore off a pound of flesh and struck red oil. Sucker bled a puddle the size of a small tea saucer on the bathroom floor before I noticed it. I thought I was going to fucking pass out. I wadded some 4x4 gauze squares around the toe and hobbled to the kitchen for a clean dish towel and filled it with ice. The ice pack stopped the bleeding and I was able to clean the bugger and fix a bandage on it. Try putting a tennis shoe over that throbbing shit and walking around. I tell ya it's a new level of pain.

On the way to the lab I noticed school buses with little sad faces wishing summer would last a bit longer. It's to long for me. Thank Gawd the knee gnawers are in school. The neighborhood is quiet again. Soon, when the weather turns a bit cooler, I'll be on the front porch drinking my coffee and taking in the morning quiet. *sigh* Soon, very soon.

This morning after getting drawn for labs I came home in a great mood. I decided to clean. I vacuumed the whole house and then mopped. I know I'm not supposed to go crazy like this because of my back pain. But David isn't going to do it. He comes home tired and on weekends he relaxes. Once in a while he will help me with the washing and cleaning but only if I initiate it. Ugh!

Well I'm going to go lie down with an ice pack on my back for a while and elevate my throbbing toe. Later my lovelies.


  1. Hey Leeanna,

    Somehow I ended up over here after being over there, as in Debra' site. She's a Canuck, just like I'm a Canuck, eh!

    Although, I'm kind of tired dude, what with me typing this from England at gone three in the morning. Time zones.

    Seems like you had a bloody painful experience. I remember when I went to donate blood and they pricked my finger. I said, "Okay, there you go! Where are my cookies?" Then I found out the greedy bastards wanted more.

    Hope your throbbing toe aint throbbing no more.

    You looking for a witch? I'll phone my ex-wife.

    I'm going now.....

    Gary :)

  2. You picked the perfect illustration for this post! I hope your toe feels better soon.

  3. Damn! There has to be about a million nerve endings in toes because it fucking hurts when you just stub it, never mind ripping the end off.

    Hope your bloodwork comes back normal. Ask for a copy because you need to be your own damn advocate these days.

  4. Toe stubbing makes me say loads of four-letter words....REALLY LOUD until the pain subsides...

  5. Came here from Debra's blog. OMG I could so see myself doing that whole practically ripping a toe off thing, actually have done that. Then limped around bleeding on everything, making the house look like someone committed murder.

  6. Oh noooo the bad toe stubs are the WORST!!! I hope it's healed. I lost a nail to a door once. Stubbed my foot and the fecking nail just popped off. Pretty sure the whole town heard me swearing.


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