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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Only In Canada


  1. I laughed at every one of these! My husband is from Ontario and I refer to it as, "the nexus of the universe". Whenever we watch the weather channel they go on and on and on about Ontario and about 3 seconds for the rest of the country. We (hippies) on Vancouver island get "it's going to rain" and then it is back to ONTARIO! It makes me really fucking mad!

  2. This is freaking AWESOME... love it!! Although I do live at the centre of the universe, we've lived in a few different spots over the years (including Vancouver Island) and I have to say it's all funny but OH SO TRUE!

  3. These are hilarious and yes, all true. My fave is the Canadian graffiti -- "f-word" LOL!

  4. They got parts of BC mixed up. The snobs and old people live on Vancouver Island. The hippies live in the Kootenays. These made me laugh especially the pic of the guy with his fish and the bear behind him.

  5. Now i know so much more about canada- really, really funny stuff ! lol

  6. very informative post. Looking more to something like this



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