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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

If I Ever See Karma . . .

I don't know why the Wet Dog Wednesday post got published today. Something is just not right, and it's probably my fault because I set this up to post automatically for tomorrow. Yeah, crap on toast. 

Anywho, I have an appointment with my pain doctor in two weeks and in the mean time I'm on meds to try to alleviate my back pain. My meds are the BOMB, but it's really hard to function this way. I'm not in a medication fog, it's just hard to do stuff around the house when you can barely bend down to pick things up or do the simplest of house work like sweeping or laundry. Just picking up anything over 8 lbs. sends shocking waves of what feels like lightning through my spine and down my legs. 

It's unbelievable how something that we take for granted causes so much pain when it's all fucked up. It really pisses me off that I didn't take better care of myself when I was working. I picked heavy things up properly, but I was never sitting at the lab tables when I could have. I was always standing and it put a great deal of strain and stress on my back discs and spine in general. 

So now I'm paying through the nose monetarily and comfort wise. I'm just plain screwed and I did it to myself by not paying attention to the signals that my body was sending me. So to answer all your questions . . . yes, I am back, but sparingly. Only when I feel I can tolerate sitting for longer than 20 minutes. But that also depends on the weather, since this pain is caused mostly from arthritis. 

Whatever.Yeah I know. I am grateful that I have your blogs to read even though I don't get to read everyone, sorry Birdie, but I am trying. I'm thankful for all of your well wishes. I don't get to reply to everyone all the time because my time is limited at sitting. It took me fucking near 6 hours to write this bitch. I wish I could write some more but I'm starting to feel pain again so I'm cutting this short. Sorry.


  1. that sure sucks! my dad lived with back pain so i know what it is like. i hope you get some relief soon!

  2. Hey, no need to apologize! The only important thing is that you manage your pain as best you can. And don't beat yourself up about the past -- what's done is done. We've all done things we shouldn't have.

  3. bah! Don't worry about reading my blog. It's just a bunch of rambling anyway.

    I didn't even notice that WDW came on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

  4. That sounds truly difficult. I don't know how you wrote all this, laying down on a flat surface tapping away at a tablet held above you by your man-servant? Hopefully your pain doc can work some voodoo magic and give you a marijuana card so that even if he cures the immediate pain, the weed will retroactively make up for the pain you are and have been suffering. All the best to you.


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