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Monday, November 23, 2015

Day 1 Of My Incarceration

Well, David is off for a week so my incarceration has officially started. Yes, I can't do shit around here without him bitching that he doesn't want to hear me moan and groan about pain. Not only that but I have to be accessible to let him know he did a great job when he does anything around here. I have tried hiding in the living room, but it didn't work. He found me and brought the puppies along with him. It's ridiculous that I can't have an hour alone to read or do anything I want. *sigh* Right now he's at a doctor's appointment that I intentionally set up for today for him. At least I'll get an hour or two of ME time. So, later gators. I have stuff to get done before he gets back.


  1. He is so sweet trying to keep you off your feet!! Sending you many pain free healing thoughts and wishes!

  2. I see . . . you're being as wily and resourceful as Bugs Bunny himself!

  3. hey...want to trade husbands? mine is being a bigger asshole than usual which is pretty hard to top. i might have to kill him. he revels in being a jerk.

  4. Could be worse. At least he's not sick and expecting you to wait on him as he whines, right? Look, I'm trying to find a bright side to a man who dares assault you with puppies.

  5. My husband is also being a bigger asshole than usual. Why is it that so many men need so much fucking validation? I have to thank my husband for doing shit like unloading the dishwasher or he gets upset. Single life looks so attractive sometimes.


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