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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hey, I'm Back On

Yes, we lost our "cable everything" last night. A big ol' nasty truck that wasn't supposed to be on our street, took our cable line down and it pissed me off to no end. What gets me is that the line was within the limits for street height. So I called Road Runner and made an appointment for 10 A.M. today. David was upset because he couldn't watch Supergirl last night. It also meant my poor husband had to go to work this morning with no TV, no internet, and no house phone. *sigh* Poor, poor David. So we are now back on with full service.

Over the weekend, David trimmed down the rose bushes. I think he went a bit crazy with the pruning shears, though. He cut them really low to the ground. Makes me scared when he does the gardening. He cuts everything down. I think he just gets a bit over zealous when he has the power to destroy. He must think he's some God or whatever. Anywho, I told him they better not die or I'll cut his ass.

We rented a couple of movies over the weekend. Spy and Jupiter Ascending. Spy was outrageously funny. We had to watch it twice because we laughed so hard the first time that we missed a few things. There is no sex or violence in it just a lot of profanity. I mean the F-bomb is dropped every few seconds. If you can get past it, the movie will not disappoint.

As for Jupiter Ascending, the CGI was very impressive but the story line limped along like a dying soldier. At times, it was okay, then there were parts that made you say "wut dafuq just happened?" It was pretty bad. I don't recommend it.

Well, I have spaghetti sauce to start and I have puppy toys to pick up. Ciao y'all.


  1. We laughed our asses off at Spy too! Love Melissa McCarthy!

  2. The odd time I am without Internet is awful. Sad to admit that but it's true.

  3. No internet!?! What, do they want you to riot?
    Pruning the rose bushes already? I usually wait until late November/early December. But I'm also guessing the frost gets to you before it gets to me.
    I'll have to check out Spy and continue to willfully ignore Jupiter Ascending.


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