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Monday, November 16, 2015

Late Monday Post

I know this is a bit late for a post, but I was busy catching up on all the bloggers. Shit, I have so many to read each day it's crazy. Anywho let's do this.
Lucy and Pebbles came very close to catching their first squirrel this morning. The girls were out by the pecan tree looking up for squirrels. I came outside to call them in when I was finished cleaning house. They refused to come so I went to the gate to call them again when a tiny squirrel came running through the garden fence towards the tree and the girls. Lucy saw it running and instantly crouched down in a defensive move. It was like watching a football game. The squirrel did a side to side move in front of Lucy, she copied him and the squirrel got the drop on her and scurried between Lucy and Pebbles and made it to the tree. I sware it did a victory dance as it chittered at them both from the branch above. The girls were humiliated, to say the least, that a squirrel got the better of them. 

It's raining right now. It should be raining up until Thursday so I'm going to have to take things slow. There is a front coming in tomorrow and I've been feeling that fucker since yesterday. Once it goes through it won't be so bad. You see, I can deal with rain, it's the fronts that kill my back. The change in pressure makes it unbearable. So I have my meds to knock my ass out and David will be cooking just for tonight. 
Beginning Friday, David will be off for a whole week. That means my incarceration will begin. For a whole fucking week! Nothing but trashy TV shows all day long. YES! ALL DAY LONG! Let me let you in on some shit that I do daily here at home. If, sorry, I mean when I'm not on the heating pad and exercising or walking, I'm cleaning or doing laundry. I do the laundry on Mondays and Fridays and I clean house, meaning I fuss here and there with the vacuum, dust cloth, and mop on those same days. I do my exercise routine every morning and then hit the treadmill to walk hopefully five miles (which has still eluded me) while reading blogs and the news. 
On Tuesday through Thursday I go outside with the puppies and let them attack the tether ball while I pick up dead branches that fall or do minor gardening. Then I blog for the week ahead like for the Wet Wednesdays editions. Sometimes I'll go to the Pecan Bottom by the river with Lucy and let her walk the track with me if it's nice and not too hot out. Sometimes like for instance if I wasn't in so much pain I would cook dinners for David and I for the whole week. I am thinking of going to the new library branch near us when it is finished being built and getting my library card. I could walk there if I take my time. 
Anywho, when David is off, that all changes. You see, if I decide to go somewhere, he will go with me. His excuse is that what if I need help or wouldn't it be better just to drive there. The whole idea is to get away. He will want to watch TV all day long. That TV is off when I'm home. It doesn't go on until he comes home after work. I only watch a few shows a week after dinner and that is on DVR because my meds knock my ass out at night after 7:30. So it's kind of quiet here during the day. 

This blog post has gone way too long today so I'm going to go and get things finished up around here.


  1. Those are some happy puppies, no kidding!! I love how I just got a glimpse into your everyday life! Mwah!

  2. HA! No, the toilet brush is not a microphone!

  3. I always got the feeling that dogs don't really want to catch the squirrels. They just enjoy the chase. If a dog ever caught a squirrel it'd be confused, "Hey, I got one! Uh...What do I do with it? Do you want this, human? I...I guess I'll just put it over here." I'm impressed that you hit the treadmill and read blogs, working on body and mind at the same time. Good luck with David's time off.

  4. That toilet brush meme made me spit out my coffee! Hahahahahaha!


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