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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Strange Shit Is Happening

This morning I was up at 3 a.m. I just couldn't sleep anymore. The last time I had a problem with insomnia it started just like this. Waking up earlier and earlier until I was up all night and day for a total of 52 hours. I've gone further than that, but it seems like a repeat cycle every 3 to 4 months.

Well, this morning I made David and myself breakfast. YES! I never do that. David now thinks I was kidnaped by aliens. He just doesn't understand. So I grabbed my coffee and Lucy and I went into the bedroom to watch the morning news. Yes, I let my dogs into my bed. Not under the sheets. They know not to do that, they sleep on a special blanket over our sheets. So don't judge me people!
Anywho, I was watching the early news on Good Morning America and I had a great laugh. It was a story that happened in October on the 26th. Apparently a Singapore 747-400 Air Freighter was in route from Australia to Malaysia had a little problem with a fire alarm going off. So they had to make an emergency landing in Bali. There was no trace of heat, smoke or even fire. It was methane gas that was produced from a little over 2100 goats on board. YES! GOAT FARTS! I laughed so hard at the fact that goat farts made the plane land. Here is the news story if you want to get more on it.
Y'all know about Spring cleaning, right?  Well, I do that sort of total cleaning twice a year if I have the energy. Well, this past week I have completely gone crazy with Autumn cleaning. YES! It's crazy I tell ya. I have been tackling a room a day. Except for the living/dining rooms, which are always clean, the rest of the house is fair game. 

The reason I do this is because of the puppies and a husband. They lay waste to this house like nobody has ever seen. All four of them are messy as shit. I have the media room and the kitchen/pantry yet to get to. Piece of cake. I just hope my energy levels stay high.
One last news bit. Did anyone hear that Those tasty Girl Scout cookies are going up in price to $5 a box? YES! FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS! How can they do this to us! This can't be happening! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I live for the Samoas aka Caramel deLites. *sigh* So sad. So, so sad.


  1. I hear ya, sistah! I haven't had a good night's sleep since menopause and the recent time change is not helping me either.

    1. Have you tried melatonin liquid?

    2. I take melatonin when dealing with large time zone changes but am reticent to take it on a nightly basis.

  2. Cleaning? Cleaning? What's that? Actually my daughter spent today in her house (this was a beautiful autumn day to be out and she should have been outside riding horse) doing fall cleaning...she did not get that from me...

  3. There were a lot of "whoa" moments in this post. First, 52 hours!?! Whoa. Isn't there some point where sleep deprivation leads to hallucination? On the bright side, you get a free drug trip! Not a bright side? I tried.
    Then, whoa, goat farts down a plane? I've been on an airplane where a dude stank it up so bad I wish we had an emergency landing. Don't they keep Febreeze or some matches on board?
    And finally, whoa, five bucks? Sorry, girl scouts, I may have to cut back to just a baker's dozen boxes this year.


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