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Monday, August 15, 2016

Hot, Painful Weekend and there's more where that came from, y'all

On a note from Friday's post, can you just imagine how hot it was for women in the Southwest in the summer back in the 1800's?  Now I'm talking Arizona, Southern Nevada, Oklahoma, Kansas, Southern New Mexico, and West and North Texas, all that arid desert land area. Hot enough to boil your bones in your own body, hot. I know how hot it can get because I've lived there. I know if I were living back then in the 1800's, I would have taken my husband's gun and shot myself repeatedly in the head, no, it's not possible, but I could have been the first woman to do it successfully. I mean wearing those heavy gowns in those days. No A/C!! DAYUM!! Now that's BOILIN HOT!
Okay, on to better stuff. Saturday and Sunday we got quite a bit of good cooling rain all day and into the night. The trees made a collective sigh as well as the grass. The weather dude is saying a 70 to 80% chance of rain for the whole week, which is absofuckinglutely awesome in my book. To make it even more lovely, for my back pain, there is a cool front heading down our way. Shit!
Now let me make myself perfectly clear, I don't mind the wet weather. Rain is something we need desperately here in Texas. I love the feel of it, the sound of it hitting the roof and the smell of it when it begins to rain on a hot day. It cools off everything in the area. It makes me feel energetic. I love working around the house or relaxing and listening to it. It's awesome. The only thing I hate about rainy weather is that sometimes it brings a front with it. I can usually feel a front for days before it comes within a hundred miles of me. Now there is a front heading my way from the north and it will be hanging around for a while this week. I've been feeling that bad-boy since Thursday morning. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since then. I finally had to dope myself Saturday night to get some sleep because David was calling me the Walking Dead.
 It's always hard on me pain-wise, especially when a weather front comes through Texas. I've been trying desperately to stay on top of it and not let it get to me but it's so hard when you're hurting 24/7 without relief in sight. No, my pain meds don't help worth a shit unless I take a double dose to fall asleep. I wish I had decent pain meds to take my pain away without using so many of them. Medical Marijuana is not an option here in Texas because we are being run by the stoopid religious right. It's the Devil's lettuce. What I wouldn't give for a pain killing MJ-brownie right now. It would help me sleep, that's for sure.


  1. Wishing you relief! "The Devil's lettuce" -- lol

  2. here in Oregon we have legalize The Devil's Lettuce, tomorrow the Country!

  3. We are still fighting the Devils Lettuce fight here in Australia. Stupid politicians !!

  4. I went to an oral surgeon to have a shattered tooth removed. While removing it, he damaged the "nerve bundle" that runs below the teeth, splintered my jawbone, and left the attached bone shard sticking INTO my tongue. That was six months ago and I found out one of the nerves is called the suicide nerve, and I understand why. I want to shoot off my jaw, the pain is like electrical shocks running through ALL my teeth, 24/7. While on Hydrocodone, and fearing becoming an addict, I at least want the option to give marijuana a try. But even a "try" is illegal, and I don't want to be standing in the alley waiting for Tyrone to show up and have the cops appear instead. I just want to stop the pain.

  5. We have not had it as hot as you, but we are finally cooling off and got some really heavy rains...the weather man actually got it right...

  6. Yeah, it's unfortunate that people still think Reefer Madness was a documentary, especially when Washington and Colorado have proved it's not bad and in fact makes the crime rate go down and the drunk driving rate go down. But, you know, screw evidence, right? I hope you survive the oncoming front.

  7. I spent my youth in the Delta of Mississippi - this was before people had air conditioning. Summer temps got to 105 and on an occasion 110. We survived with a window fan and I didn't know any difference - this was normal. I remember rain during a hot summer day when steam would come off the roads and I thought it smelled good. We only truly suffer when we have a better standard to compare it to.
    I am hoping Maine will pass the Marijuana voting initiative on this November ballot. Even then I would take our stupid Republican governor Paul LePage to approve the it enactment. (LePage was elected because a third party split the Democratic vote - when will we learn?)

    Medical pot would make your life more comfortable - Wishing you the best
    the Ol'Buzzard


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