Thursday, March 14, 2019


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning in San Marcos. Yeah, it's with my autoimmune/arthritis doctor. I get to show him all the fun stuff I wrote down that happened to me since the last appointment. I asked David if he wanted to take off work for the day and come with me and he said no. 
I said, "oh, come on, it'll be fun. You'll get to wait an hour with me in the waiting room and another hour in the exam room. Also, you'll get to drive the car. I'll bring treats for you." 
He said, "nope, not a chance." 
Shit, I can't get an even break. 


  1. I hate dr. appts...... Good luck.

  2. I hope he has some good news or helpful advice for you!

  3. Oh, I DID steal this meme -- but I have it slated for a different meme post concerning pizza! You know that I steal all the best stuff from YOU! thanx


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