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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It's Tuesday OY!

Lucy after I roughed her up. She's playing
dead and refuses to get out of bed now.
I almost overslept this morning. Lucy came running into the bedroom and jumped around on the bed and on me. I woke up of course but played dead until she got close enough to inspect me to see why I wasn't moving. When she was standing close I made a quick grab for her but she jumped out of my grab range so I rolled over towards her, grabbed her and roughed her up for jumping on me. She was so happy that her mommy was awake and wanted to play. Yesterday I wasn't doing so great and I was crying constantly because of my pain and lack of sleep from the past few nights. It was terrible. But today I'm feeling much better. My family doctor prescribed Prednisone tablets, just 4 of them. I see my pain doctor's Nurse Practitioner on Friday afternoon. I should make it until then with the four Preds, one each night. The only reason why she stopped the Diclofenac is that she wants to asses my pain. What I don't understand is why my Pain Specialist's(doctor) office didn't just make me see both of them. It's stupid but hey, what can I say. So anywho, I take one Pred at night half an hour before bedtime and it helps my bad back pain simmer down. I really don't want to stay on the Prednisone but what the hell. If it helps for a few days, I just hate steroids.
We lost our internet over the weekend for a while. It kept going off, on and then off again. So I played a few offline games to pass the time while cookies were baking. I made Chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies and my regular soft and chewy chocolate chip. Then I made my soft and chewy peanut butter cookies and peanut butter chocolate cookie bars. I also dipped some pretzels in melted white chocolate and sprinkled them with dark chocolate. Oh my Goddess, David takes a humongous gallon sized baggie full of the cookies for snack time at work. He and his co-workers just love them. When I was younger and living at home, I hated the hard hockey puck cookies my mother and my sister made. I swear,
*heavy breathing*
kids could take them outside and play street hockey for hours before my sister's and mother's cookies would even break up, they were that hard. Dad would always make fun of how hard they were and have to dip them into his coffee all the time just to be able to bite into them. They really were bad. I know I had to float them in my tea or coffee for a couple of minutes just to be able to bite into them.  I was never allowed into the kitchen to bake because they ruled the kitchen. They never made any effort to improved their cookie recipes to make them tastier and chewier or even softer. Thank the Goddess that I improved on the recipes, for David's sake that is. Well, I made four really large plastic containers full of my cookies for Yule. My word! What a woman can conquer in the kitchen when the internet is down all day. BWAAAHAHAhAhahaahahaaaa!
One thing I forgot to tell all y'all about that video yesterday was where you could watch it. So here it is. If you are a Netflix or an Amazon Prime member that is where you can see the whole movie. Otherwise, if you are a Youtuber, you can watch it in full but with subtitles that refuse to turn off. Yeah, I know. I hate the subtitles too. They sometimes block what you really want to see. It's aggravating as shit. Anywho, it really is very good and everyone should watch it no matter how they feel about Global Warming/Climate Change. I really would like to apologize for my outright nastiness about GW/CC deniers yesterday. I was in physical pain and I can be quite pissy. So I'm sorry about being that way yesterday.
Spunky in better days (2006) having
fun in the courtyard 
Well, I have some more baking to get to today. Also Poor ol' man Spunky, my oldest puppy now, is crying out in pain. He has gone past what is the age range for Bostons. I know he's in pain because he will cry for a bit and then make a loud cry all of a sudden like a quacking or a bark. I give him a pain pill and he falls asleep for a while. He's like me. Everything hurts all the time. poor little man. He moves slower now than he did last week. We are going to take him to the vet either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to see what the vet says. He's in so much pain that I can't stand for him to suffer anymore. I ended up spending the early hours this morning helping him get through his pain until the pill took effect. I just gave him another Tramadol so he will sleep for a while without pain until dinner time.
Well, all y'all have a magical day. I have still a lot of stuff to do before the day is over. Tomorrow is Wet Dog Wednesday.


The JR said...

I bet your house smelled wonderful with all that baking going on.
Lucy is a mess. Poor Spunky. It hurts to let them go.

anne marie in philly said...

I despise hard as fuck cookies! yours sound so dee-lish!

BTDT with a furkid; it fucking hurts, but they are hurting worse.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear your pain is being managed well for the moment! What a relief that must be to you. Your cookies sound delicious *drool*

Ol'Buzzard said...

It is heart wrenching to see our furry love ones in pain. It forces us to hard decisions that are heart breaking.
take care - sending good thoughts
the Ol'Buzzard

Magic Love Crow said...

Your cookies sound so good! I'm glad you are getting some relief from your pain. Poor Spunky!!! Give both your fur babies hugs from me!

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