Monday, August 26, 2019

It's Monday - Thank Gawd

Last week around Tuesday or was it Wednesday, anywho, I messed up my left foot.
The redness  on the outer side is almost
 gone but it's still swollen
My thinking of how was that I might have slammed it against the bed railing which is hardwood. The 2 1/2 inches of it surrounds the waterbed. I thought at first I broke the thing because I was having trouble walking on it. By Thursday it was black and blue with blood-red undertones. Nasty looking. I was having to walk with my old walker to get around. I was in a fuck-load of pain up until Sunday. Friday I put a mugwort wrap on it and most of the black and blue was gone by Sunday. I'm walking okay now but the foot still has a bit of the red left from where I whopped it. Other than that, I had a decent week. 
Variegated ficus now in a pot three times the size of the old one.
Yesterday, David helped me move some plants outside. I had to get the azaleas out of the hot sun and move them to partial shade. I repotted my variegated ficus that I have all summer long out on the front porch. It was in a small pot for almost four years and I finally moved it to a larger pot. The thing had no soil left, all root. I also repotted a parlor palm that I've had for about three years. The poor thing, I know I heard it sigh when it hit new soil. I got rid of all the broken plastic pots and threw them in the recycle bin for pickup tomorrow. I then cleaned out the gardening shed and that is when David came and got me out of the sun and brought me inside. He finished the work by making me sit under the patio umbrella. I was drinking some iced cold water and letting him know what had to go and what stayed. He really hates it when I get a bug to do things outside. But this had to be done before the weather gets cooler and the rains come.
She's working on her egg sack
Last night before the sun was completely down I went out with Lucy to see if anything else had to be done in the courtyard. I looked up while I was standing in the backyard porch doorway and the spider was making an egg sack. it was as if she was blowing up a balloon. It was a translucent white. Nothing was in it but she was really busy with it. I was guessing a wild beehive nearby had been bothered because bees were buzzing around me like crazy. I never got stung though. They were just nosey.
She quickly wrapped one of the bees
A couple of them had gotten caught in her web and she was quick to stifle them so they wouldn't tear up her web and then she went back to her job of getting things ready for the babies. We finally went indoors and the bees were not so happy about me leaving. They kept trying to get through the glass door. David said it's cause I'm so sweet. This morning I went to check on the spider and she had quite a few ready to eat packaged bees in her web all nicely wrapped. There were two on the ground. Empties. I looked for her egg sack but couldn't find it. I guess she hid it well in the upper eaves of the house away from the harsh elements of the coming winter.
Well, I have laundry to get to. I would have done it last week Friday but shit happens. Y'all have a magical day.


The JR said...

Yow, that looks like it hurt bad. David is Mr. Funny Man like my Redneck.

Have a good one.

pam nash said...

Owie! don't do that again. Nice thing about working in the yard is there a a visual sense of accomplishment. Just don't work out there in the blazing hot sun!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your poor foot! Glad to hear it's getting better.

yellowdoggranny said...

oh man..that looks like hell..and must really hurt..but all I could think of was all them fucking spiders..sigh*

ellen abbott said...

it's brutal out there today. I did an art piece years ago, a small box with a spider adorning the top and three little web wrapped bundles inside. I called it Boxed Lunch.

Rain said...

Oh the bees are probably right! ;) Your poor foot! I hope it heals very soon! I've had mystery injuries too, I like to make up glorious stories of how I hurt myself lol!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about your foot! Please take care! I don't know if I would be leaving that spider there! LOL! Your tree looks good in her new pot! Big Hugs!

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