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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving my minions. So I am asking one last time, if you want me to snail mail you a Christmas Card this year, please send me your home address via my email. I will be getting all my cards out by the end of next week if possible.

David is off this whole week and it's going to be fun. Yes, like pulling my own teeth. You see, He is a TV fanatic and I'm not. So while I am trying to write a post here he is gushing "Oh, Oh, ya gotta see this. I hope they replay it. So that means my whole train of thought just derails.

If I ignore him then he gets all pissed at me and tells the puppies that I don't love him anymore and on and on. He drives me crazy with this.The only way to get rid of him for a bit is to get him to do yard work. Don't get me wrong, my minions. I love him to death. But when he's home all day with me,  he can drive me to drink.


  1. Be glad it's only for a while and he'll be off to work again...many a separation has begun with time off work...

  2. Arghh, I hear you. I have planned to take Friday off work and the other half decided this morning that he will take Friday off too. We are doing bonding, loving things in the meeting eg taking dogs to vets, grocery shopping etc then in the afternoon we are going our seperate ways ( I am going to see the new HP Movie) LOL

  3. Ha, I know that! Every time I try to get back to my desk for some additional work after dinner, the BF starts asking, "What is wrong? Why are you going? Are you mad at me? What did I do?" - until I *am* mad at him...

    (Guys. I should have gotten a dog instead. *g*)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    When he *does* drive you to drink, make it something supremely tasty. ^-^
    He goes back tomorrow, yes? Or do you get the pleasure of his company ALL WEEKEND?



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