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Friday, November 26, 2010

How Was Your Thanksgiving...

How was Your Thanksgiving? Mine was loads of fun. Well not really. Thursday was quiet. David and I had a very nice quiet dinner. Nothing happened really, not until later that night.

I noticed my right arm had been hurting for the past few days. I had scratched it while cutting down bushes like a week ago and it healed nicely. Now it hurts like an SOB and it's all red, puffy and it looks like somebody beat my arm with a belt. I have a humongous red welt traveling down my arm to my fingers. Went to the clinic this morning and got an antibiotic. I'll be good in the next few days.

We had to take David's truck this morning to the clinic for my arm because I had a flat tire on my Honda that I know he drove at the time. So the flat is his fault not mine. Neener neener :P

Anywho, during the trip to the clinic, we got rear ended. Good thing it was David's Dodge Ram. Bad thing the guy that hit us smashed his whole front end of the Toyota that he was driving. It was at least $2000.00 damage done to the car and a few scratches to David's rear bumper. No one was badly hurt. But the guy is gonna hear it from his wify poo cause The Toyota was brand new and it was her car.

We got home and then David decided to get the tire off my car and get it fixed. Which he has just done. But he gave me hell cause my car is a rice burner and they have crazy Jacks and places to put them in the trunk... and "How the hell do you get this damned thing out of the freaking compartment in the trunk? Freaking Rice Burners!!" So he says.

I had to show him where it was, how to get it out of the trunk and where to place the Jack under the car. I'd like to show him what to do with it, but he was after all taking it to get it fixed for me.

So now he is out getting us lunch cause it is Friday and he hates to break  his usual schedule and not get lunch from Micky-D's. I only allow him this on Fridays. What can I say... Thank the Goddess he goes back to work on Monday. Until then please pray for me that I don't kill him. CAUSE HE'S DRIVING ME NUTZ!!!


  1. Wow... Glad you two weren't hurt... What was wrong with your arm? Infection? Sounds nasty... o_O

    I suppose if he gets *really* out of hand, you could give him some very light pillow therapy... ^-^


  2. I'll keep everything crossed for your sanity. I think I might have showed him where the jack went... :oD

  3. It's Cellulitis, and it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch!! David didn't want to go to the ER because it can be treated by antibiotics, which I agreed. And yes he needs pillow therapy. With a brick hidden in it.
    Don't get me wrong, I love him, but I wish he would leave me alone and not bother me so much. He wants to go here or go there. Or he wants me to see this on TV that I don't usually watch during my day.
    If I don't kill him first, I might OD on my happy pills just to get away from him. But with my luck I'll have him watching me like a hawk so I don't do it again.


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