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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They're In Wikipedia!!??? OMG!!! It's True!!

David just sent me an email from his work. It was for a Wikipedia article. I didn't believe it at first then I went to Wikipedia and saw it for my own eyes. My step-daughter and friends are on there. YES!!! For Sleeved Blanket aka Snuggies. They are in the middle picture at a football game for Univ of Texas at Austin. This same picture was in a UT game article also.

I couldn't believe it. But there they are in their Burnt Orange Snuggies at a game in Austin. She is in the center. Her hubby went to get something to drink or eat. But these people with her are all alumni of UT. They tailgate for hours before the game. They are part of the Shotgun 21. Some are high mucky mucks in business in Austin. They all hang out and party together all the time. They know how to let down their hair that's for sure.


let 'er rip

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