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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ahhhh, a Brand New Year To Fuck Up

I am so freaking pissed right now. I had to walk away so I wouldn't kill Lucy. She erased my whole post for this morning by walking on my keyboard. I put her and the other puppies outside to chase squirrels for a while. So now I have to start over. Shit!!

As you all know I was out with bronchitis. I'm not coughing as bad as before, besides, I hate David's cooking. His idea of a meal is Jack in the Crack or Micky D's. ugh. Which leads me to what I need to accomplish for this year. No I don't believe in resolutions cause their made to be broken.

Anywho, I need to accomplish the losing of 120lbs. before December of this year. I think I can do it but it will be a tough thing to get done. I can't move as well due to arthritis and fibromyalgia so I'll have to improvise quite a bit in the exercise part. I can do the diet part easily enough I just have to keep David from bringing home the fast food. He is my downfall.

While I was out sick and sneaking on to the computer while David was busy outside or running errands for me. I read a few blogs that had great ideas. Some I had actual time to comment on. One idea I was wanting to try and that was a Word of The Year. I deliberated and came up with two words but one stuck out that will hopefully get me through this year.


The quality or state of being strong
Mental power, firmness or courage
Power of resisting force, strain
Effective force or power

So Strength is going to be my word for this year. I will keep the other word for next year. Rebirth will be a fitting word for me then.


  1. hey, I like your word. It was one of my runner ups, in my word pick. Mine is meld, put me back together before I can get strong, brave and head out into the word all fresh and shiney new. Or some such happy horse shit.
    I just love your goals, I will play along with you because I too have an entire person in weight to lose. I wish she'd just jump off my back and go away but silly bitch just won't. So I'll play let's make a pact to attack the fat and spare the lean and no fast food. Fingers crossed and melting and welding all over the place. XOXO Linda, The Olde Bagg soon to be called the Olde Sacke, goddess willing and the creek stays dry.

  2. I have been pimping this author literally since Jan 1st because everyone is blogging about being more healthy and losing weight. Get your shoes and coat on, drive to the store and buy these books by Geneen Roth
    "If You're Going to Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair"
    "Women Food and God"

    Seriously, get the fuck up and go now. I'll be here waiting.

  3. Linda:sweetie I want so much to fit back into my size 12 black jeans. It makes me cry that I let myself go like this. I will be strong and get back into them again.
    Mother: I went to Amazon and got both books so I will be reading soon. Thanks for letting me know about them.

  4. that picture is hysterical. Every time I visit your blog, I have a reason to laugh. Thanks for that!

  5. 120lbs in one year? That's a challenge... good luck!

    (Promise yourself a huuuuuge reward. Bribing always helps.)

  6. Ok, I am in. You are right in my ball park, I also have fibro and arthritis. Looks like I will be getting new knees in the next month or two, I have forgotten what it is like to walk. the weight piled on when I gave up the treadmill, combined with all sorts of hormones for infertility. If we all support each other, this becomes more doable. Lets Go!!!

  7. I did my weight thing last year and want to encourage all of you! You go girls!!! I have lupus and fibromyalgia so I tend to catch everything that comes within breathing space. It was a huge help when the stomach bug went around my office. That shit and puke diet got the last 10 pounds off!

  8. I too need to loose weight this year i also suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I also live with a hubby who loves to feed me up and the says a few sits up would do the trick !! which is great advise if only i could get out the dam chair for pain :) im glad i stopped by today for a visit made me chuckle x x good luck and happy new year

  9. Funny I thought that was your word LAST year. You were always saying "Give me strength so I don't kill David!"


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