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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold Weather

Tomorrow I'll have to bring in my bougainvilleas and other cold sensitive plants. Yeppers, we are set for some really bone chillin cold here in the next week or two. We might even get lucky and see a few snow flurries on Thursday and /or Friday.

Yes, I know. Y'all in the upper East coast are screaming who the fuck cares. Well we do. Mexicans lose their fucking minds when it snows. I just want to see how many schools close when they notice three flurries and where. It should be fun in San Antonio.

Falling Snow B Pictures, Images and PhotosTwo years ago we had snow falling in West Bexar county. *Uh Bexar is pronounced bear the x is silent ... yeah go figure. The stuff was coming down hard west of San Antonio and schools started to close. This was in the afternoon mind you. It was melting and they still called it off.

It was total anarchy, dogs and cats living together(Ghostbusters). Yep the world was coming to an end. A friend at the local HEB(grocery store) here in town said there was a run on soups and bread and crackers. like they were going to be snowed in for days. Like I said, they lose their fucking minds.


  1. you made me giggle. It is finally warm here in Florida after weeks & weeks of 20-40 degree weather.'s FLORIDA!! Don't freeze!

  2. I love when people in warm climates get an 1/8 of an inch of snow and run out to buy snowblowers. Up here we call them the French Toast Emergencies. You know, because everyone runs to the G.D. store to buy bread, milk and eggs : )

  3. LMAO!!! So true! I live on the coast here in Texas and I see we are also in for some cold weather. Living in the Midwest for 17+ years makes me appreciate this cold snap abit more!!
    Sounds like good book and blanket weather!! =]

  4. Ha ha ha! That's so funny! Enjoy the flurries if you get any.

  5. Sounds like what we're getting ready for here in lovely OKC. They're calling for "blizzard conditions" and a whole whopping 12 inches of snow. The grocery stores were packed, there was apparently a run on flashlights, toilet paper and light bulbs (?) at every store in town. And it hasn't even started yet. I went out and bought ice scrapers...that's it. Just in case. Of course if the power goes out due to high winds we're screwed. 98% of the food in the house needs to be cooked and/or heated in some way.

  6. We have a solid sheet of ice on every conceivable surface here today, so I just mooned this post. And people go crazy like that no matter where you live - I grew up in coastal New England where we would get 2 ft snow storms regularly, and people always acted like it was the snowpocalypse. Quit underlining the Blogger, that's a real word.

  7. wow.. that sounds so crazy to me, but like you said i live in the East and we always get bad snow storms, ice storms and the like so I am used to it. It's neat how different people react to things... hahah... well I hope you are all braced for the cold. :)

    Take care

  8. LMAO! You are such a hoot. It's the same here in Tennessee when it snows. You can't find a single loaf of bread or any milk on the shelves. I can never figure out why it is those 2 things. Insane!


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