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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

  • Outside my window I'm watching the cats across the street taking a sun tan on the roof of my neighbors car. YES!!! It's fucking 78 degrees outside. Aahahahahahhahahaaa  and I have all the windows in my house wide open. Eat your hearts out Northeast Coast.
  • I am thinking that in an hour I'm going to start the dog blankets in the washer. As soon as the linens are finished.
  • I'm thankful that I live in south Texas. ahahahhahaaa You poor saps up north.
  • In the kitchen I'm going to make peas and rice and BBQ'ed chicken on the grill.
  • I'm wearing my "go to hell" mumu when I don't feel like getting dressed.
  • I'm going to be giving three little stanky puppies a bath as soon as their blankets are in the dryer.
  • I'm reading Henry VIII by Alison Weir It's pretty good.
  • I'm hoping the puppies don't give me to much trouble when I have to drown give them their bath.
  • I'm hearing them whine as they try to talk me out of their bath time. They think that if they bring me their toys I'll forget about the bath.
  • A few plans for the rest of the to win back the trust of three scared, cute, clean little puppies. Damn you David!!! You are supposed to be doing this. Now they're gonna hate mommy for trying to drown them.

Picture of what's going on right now

Lucy lying on my mumu trying to look all cute and frail


  1. Don't you worry your pretty little head about me up here in the Northeast, I wouldn't trade it for the world! ; )

  2. as for me from the Northeast Coast.... I'd trade it for texas in a split second!!!! but just for the winter! SNOW SUCKS!!!!

  3. Wasn't today just beautiful??? I too live in south Texas..on the coast and it was wonderful today. (tomarrow forcasted to be even warmer. Woot!)
    I use to live in the midwest (for over 17 years) and it has been like heaven living here. For our friends in the snowy Northeast...brrrrr!! I sooo feel for ya. =]

  4. We had bigger dogs, who hated to be washed. So we usually took them out, together with some very mild dog shampoo and a bucket of warm water, and washed them by hand. Less stress on them, less chaos for us. ^^

  5. OMG... I totally hate you for having warm weather... Ok, not really hate you, but can't you PLEASE send Washington some sun & warmth??? Pleeeeaaase??? @_@

    Ahem. I love the Crazy Witch's daybook. Aaaaahahahahahaha...

  6. You are so funny! Not to worry...puppies love unconditionally. They won't be mad anymore as soon as they are dry and being sufficiently spoiled once again.


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