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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Found A Great Weight Loss Ticker 

Mmkay, for all my friends who wish to track their own data on their weight, here is the ticker site I found for mine.  They make it really easy for you to make one and don't forget to enter a password pin so you can go back and get into your ticker to change it every time you weigh in.

When you first go into this site make sure you scroll down to the bottom where it has the Weight loss Ticker. then do what it says step by step, at the end scroll down to the HTML code for blog and copy it for your blog. It's so very easy. I won't make you enter any incriminating pictures cause I think it scares everyone off from this. So just the ticker and we will see what happens at the Dec 1st deadline.


  1. thats a great idea..think i will join the band wagon

  2. I put my ticker on my site. :)

  3. I put up the I can't figure out how to freakin update the damn thing. Help??


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