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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Think I Won, Again

Ahhh yes. The wonderful, magical life of the married Texas Witch. Yes, not a day goes by that isn't fully entertaining.

David: * rummaging around the wall key holder*
head scratch Pictures, Images and PhotosMe: *reading emails on Little Hal in the living room, not looking up I say* "What's up babe? Whatcha need?"
David: "Nothing." *looking worried, still rummaging*
Me: "Well obviously something is wrong. Whatcha lookin for?"
David: *stops rummaging* "Well if you must know, I locked my keys in the truck after I cleaned out the glove compartment.
Me: *not fazed by this* "Did you remember to put a new pad and two new pens in there?"
David: *checking his wallet* "No"
Me: "Well you better do it. Remember the accident? Nobody had pens or paper."
David:  "Do you have my other key to the truck?"
Me: "Nope. I thought it was on your desk." *smiling*
David: *coming from the media room, goes outside, comes back in jingling keys*
Me: "You got the keys?" *not looking up from my Freecell game, but I have a smug look on my face**
David: "Yep. You tell me. What would you do if you were stuck out on some lonely road and you accidentally locked the keys in your car and I was at work."
Me: *smiling, I say without missing a beat* "I'd call you at work and ask you to go get the extra set of my keys hanging in the kitchen and bring them to me out on said lonely road ... dear"
Me: * still smiling* "Anything else?"
David: "NO!" *trudges off to the media room to watch some sport on TV*

I guess I won... again.


  1. hahahahaha... that's hilarious... thanks for sharing. hahaha.

  2. I should have put this on


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