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Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Another Great Day In The Neighborhood

I guess you all have noticed I changed how you can get into my blog to read. YES! I changed the content part. Too bad, so sad, I know. But I don't want some bitch coming in and saying I need to be censored. If you don't like it, sorry. I'm just playing by the rules.

Yesterday it was totally gloomy as hell. Last night it rained and today is the same as yesterday. I fucking love it when the weather is like this! Makes me want to curl up and relax with a good book and the puppies on the couch. Weather guy said it would clear up but stay cloudy most of the day. I think I could love living in Seattle. But this place is fine where I am. Why I never go all Emo on anybody's ass I'll never know.

mexican men Pictures, Images and PhotosLast night I had a bit of a problem sleeping. We have these neighbors across the street of Mexican descent. They love their soccer and then they love to BBQ and drink in their front yard. One other thing they love and that is loud music. Now wait a minute... this is not the fucking BOOM BOOM BOOM shit from gangster rap. These guys play Mexican old time love songs. LOUD and they get all fuck faced drunk and sing even LOUDER.

Last night they were confined to the garage, playing pool and singing. This went on until almost about 2:30 this morning. I couldn't sleep with all the caterwalling going on so I decided to come into the living room and read some blogs and then read a book.

I was debating on calling the police on em. But someone beat me to the punch. They got quiet for a brief while and closed the door to the garage. Then I heard trucks and cars leaving. Then they came back ... with beer and more munchies. Yep, they made a food and beer run. Then the party continued in the back yard. It turned into a BBQ at 4:00 this morning.

It's now a bit after 10 this morning. I got a little sleep. I noticed the trucks and cars are still there this morning and there are no signs of life yet. I suppose they will fire up the grill again and start the singing about 9 tonight as usual.


  1. now is the time to crank the loudest music you have
    (i like the who, linkin park and ministry for sonic disturbance)put your hair in rollers and do the vacuuming.
    it not only gives you cover if the same neighbor calls on you (*innocent smile* Is it too loud? I'm sorry officer I was just vacuuming!:)
    it gets out the aggression.vacuum mad!
    the puertoricans across the street would do the same thing in my old neighborhood.
    every once in a while you have to wake the dead to make a point!

  2. I hate rude neighbors! I agree with Momma Bear - give it to them good!

  3. Oh just wait until Imbolc. Then you've got a perfect opportunity to show them how Wiccans party by completely lighting up the block. Who knows? Maybe you'll decide to celebrate by going out, buying a few flood lights and shining them directly at their house. :P

  4. I agree with Blue and Momma Bear.....let them get it back as good (if not better) than what the dish out.

    I noticed your weight loss tracker...I've got one on my weight loss blog's at the bottom of the page. Good luck you...I'm rootin for ya!

  5. Scratch that...I put it up on the side. I'll never see it on the bottom.

  6. On the one hand, it sucks if you don't get any sleep... on the other hand, don't we love people who know how to party?

  7. That most absolutely and definitely justifies two things:

    1. A luxurious nap today.
    2. Visiting your neighbors and politely telling them to shut the fuck up; or
    3. If you're not a confrontational bitch like me, calling the po-lice at the strike of 10:01 p.m. every. night. until. they. stop.

    Also, if you think you should be censored, I'm waiting for the censorship bitches at my blog fo sho.

  8. To everyone. A little tit for tat happened the next day. My noisy neighbors were quite silent after the one who called the cops decided to mow his almost none existent lawn at 8am that morning. One of the partiers came out, I was told, and asked him to stop. He said he would stop when they would be more considerate and notice that they have neighbors that have to sleep on Friday and Saturday nights because they have to go to work early the next morning. The kid told him he was sorry and they would be more considerate. The mowing stopped right after.

  9. I forgot about lawnmower revenge!
    fitting and hard to prosecute :)


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