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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


After extensive deliberation upon reading all the comments since I've been out sick in the head, I have come to a disturbing conclusion. Y'ALL ARE A BUNCH O' SICK PUPPIES!!!

Mmkay, David has allowed me out of my cell today but I am not to go outside for anything. Shit!!  It's freaking raining what does he think I am, crazy? I have to say I am nutz but crazy? No. The fact that I can get out of my cell without him bitchin at me is enough to make my day.

truck and guys to help move my stuff
Nothing was ever accomplished over the last two weeks of last year. I wanted to move all my toys into David's daughter's old room  so I could have seclusion, but that never happened.

1. The man is totally useless when it comes to moving stuff ... "Where do you want this honey?"

2. Having him go through all my things without me being there is dangerous ... "When did you buy this? I didn't see you buy this? How much was this?"

3. For the thirty millionth time he asks "Honey where do you want the computer cord in the wall?" Again and again.

I finally gave up and told him to forget about moving anything, that I wanted to stay in the media room and watch Jerry Springer with him ... not. Anywho, nothing got moved cause I was not about to arise from my deathbed again coughing and hacking to tell him where to stick the computer cord through the wall. I just hope this new year moves along smoother than last. Cause I can't think up anymore good ideas for natural death without getting caught.

Now if y'all will excuse me, my dear minions, I have a messy house to clean ... ugh!!!


  1. Wow, you would only have stuck the computer cord through the wall? You're an excellent wife. I certainly would have stuck it up The Husband's ass.

  2. ahahahahhahahahhaaa!!! prozacly!!!

  3. My dad long ago stopped asking my mum where she wanted him to stick things, because she usually told him... ;o) I think that's why my mum and I did all the decorating when I was growing up lol


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