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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sorry, my dear minions but I am trying to get used to the Tramadol my doctor prescribed for my pain. He said his wife takes it with her Cymbalta. Guess he never figured it into the Lyrica equation. Apparently when you mix Tramadol and Lyrica at certain dosages like mine you get what I call "Party Favors".

Yes my dear minions. These Party Favors are in the realm of fantasy. Things talk that shouldn't and move when shouldn't. And then there is the lucid sleepwalking. Yes!!!  I said lucid. You are aware that your body is walking around the house but you can't stop it. Then there is the sleeping all the time, and all day long.

I'm not saying the Tramadol isn't working. In fact it is. I have no pain for almost six hours when I take it. It's just making my life somewhat more entertaining. So on Monday morning David wants me to let my doctor know that I have a problem. WTF?? I don't have a problem. I'm having fun here. So just let me enjoy it. David needs to but out of this one. Hell, I'm pain free for a while. Just fuck off and leave it at that.


  1. I never could adjust to the Tramadol. Party Favors is a GREAT way to describe those little goodies. All I wanted to do was sleep and the dreams were...holy shit...some of the most bizarre instances of my life.

  2. Girl, you so crazy! That would freak me out!

  3. There is this song that I heard in the 90's and one part is:
    "They don't make no seatbelt for the mind.
    So I can't fasten up for this ride..."

  4. Bluezy I wish I had a seatbelt for my mind. It's so fucked up from the Tramadol that I don't know up from down when I take it. But it works for the pain. I just need to stop taking the Lyrica. Then maybe I'll be fine. Yeah right!!


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