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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Crazy Witch's Daybook

Yeah,  I'm soggy.  I went out to water the yard and the hose blew up on me, literally. I had to go to the other side of the house to get the other hose cause David took the keys to the "Chamber of Secrets" with him to work and I couldn't get the new hose.

I need to get a second set of keys to that shed. Either that or get my own shed with everything pink so he'll be ashamed to touch anything in it.  Anywho, I was sopping wet but I finished the job. After this post I'm getting some sweet iced tea and plopping my fat fluffy ass in the chair out front and enjoying the morning.

It's so freaking hot:  It's so hot lately that we've been losing our cable service which also means our computer server too. It really sucks. But in a way it's a good thing cause I can read or sit outside and drink in the greeness of the plants. It's so pretty but it's so fucking hot.

I found this cute video via  my husband, David. That kinda shows you what they do at work in the office. But check this out. Who says dogs are stupid.  This one knows it's too hot outside so he's bringing it in. I love it.

Shit I did recently: This past weekend I just relaxed cause David was on his fishing trip and he got home Sunday afternoon.  Instead of going out for dinner I decided to make meatloaf. He loves that shit. I also made spaghetti. Strange, I know, but if I make it then put it away in the fridge and then have it for dinner two days later it's like WOW!!! It tastes fantastic. So that's how we have spaghetti  in our house. I think it gives all the herbs a chance to enhance it.

Shit I need to get done: I need to put the finishing touches to a book review for Friday's post.  I love this book, it's so cool. But you'll have to decide.

Adventures : Lately just to get out of the house I have been taking the puppies for car rides around the block. It just blows their little puppy minds that they get to go someplace. Yesterday I went to the bank to deposit some cash and I took them for the ride. They were in car ride heaven.

Lucy had her head head hanging out the window barking at everyone, Pebbles was riding shotgun with her head out the window, barely. She's such a little thing that I have to pick her up to get her into the car. Spunky had the other back window, slobbering all over the place. They got their bones from the bank teller and we went home. David had just gotten home for lunch and they were all over him. Probably trying to tell him about their adventure. Puppies are so easy to please.

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