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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Good Wife

Mkay. Yesterday I was a really good wifey. I didn't play any April Fools jokes on David at all. Not a single one. I just went about my biz of doing household chores and stuff. To which it drove him bonkers trying not to get pranked by me.

He was like checking every single thing to make sure it wasn't booby trapped in some way. He acted like he was going to defuse a bomb all the time. I had more fun than when I actually set something up for him. Oh I am so fucking evil. I'm going to burn in Christian Hell for this.  I just know it.


  1. Good news about Hell: I have VIP seats. Just ask for me when you get down there, and we'll have a grand old time.

  2. I don't think you'll go to hell for that, but I think if you DO that the company in Hell will be a lot more fun to hang out with than the company at the other end of the spectrum. Of course, that's just my opinion.

  3. LOL my hubby and I had a game we played called "gotcha". we would try to scare the hell out of each other... it went on for 21 years... I was never scared because he wasn't that good at it.... he... on the other hand, lived with fear each and every day!!!! I got him so good sometimes that he was jumpy forever after that!

  4. I own a condo in Hell and I'm bff's with the bus driver so you'll have plenty o' fun.

  5. Fun people don't go to hell. Only the lame with no sense of humor, adventure or imagination go to place where there is nothing but suffering.


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