Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday : It's Raining . . . No, Wait, It Stopped Again

It's been raining every morning since Friday. Friday was fun because it would rain for 20 or 30 minutes and then stop. Lucy hates when it rains. It scares her because she thinks it's going to thunder too. She sits on my feet and shakes. It's a strange shake. It's like when you have your cell phone on vibrate and when someone calls it vibrates violently all over the place. That's Lucy. The poor little girl sits on my feet or lays under a blanket next to my leg and vibrates like a phone. ZZzztt - ZZZTT - zzttt - zzttt. It's not a continuous vibration mind you, it's broken up like Morse code and each one lasts only 1 to 2 seconds. She refuses to be cuddled during any rain or thunder storm. So there is no comforting her. She will run away from me if I try to pick her up. I just have to let her go about her problem on her own.  
Saturday, David and I went out and about to run errands and do some minor shopping around town and in New Braunfels. It was a treat for me because I really haven't been out of town in months. I took three of my pain pills because I knew my lower back would be a throbbing mass of raw exposed nerves if I didn't. Boy was I high. But, back to my shit. Lots and lots of buildings and homes are going up where it was all once farmland. I'm thinking either the farmer is too old to farm or died or had fallen on hard times so he or his family sold the land to developers. Homes and mini-malls are everywhere. It's shameful. It rained the whole time we were going to New Braunfels. We stopped at a nice little Tex-Mex restaurant that we love and then went walking at the mini-mall next door. It was a long walk and I didn't feel the pain of it all until after the pills wore off when we were on our way home. My lower back and left hip were throbbing with pain.
David had to help me out gently from the car and then I took a pain pill and a long hot, hot shower with the pulsing shower head letting the water beat hard on my lower back and then I slathered on some Tiger Butter creme and let it work while I laid in a nest of soft pillows in the living room and watched a couple of old DVD movies. I think I fell asleep sometime around 7pm and woke up at 6 in the morning on Sunday to a little dog vibrating under my right leg and rain falling. All I could think was deja-vu from Saturday. Didn't I live through this yesterday? I felt like death warmed over. I'm paying for the fun time from yesterday although Sunday was a bit better for me. I only took one pain pill and started laundry and made breakfast before David got up.

I think it was the coffee that got him because I hadn't made coffee since this past winter. Yeah, I only make coffee or tea when It's cold outside. But this morning I wanted coffee. After breakfast, David went outside and cleaned the yard of all the fallen branches from the pecan trees. Lots of them this year because we decided not to water the trees so much and let nature do the job. While he was getting the lawnmower gassed up I checked what was left of my courtyard plants. My lemon trees are going gangbusters. I need to cut them back in order to train them to be compact trees. My tuber roses have little baby leaf sprouts in their pots coming out I may have to repot them all before November comes. My morning glory bush is needing to be transplanted into an extra-large pot which will be its final home just like my lemon trees. The roses and pineapples are doing quite well. I promised the pineapples to a neighbor but she hasn't come by to get them yet. 
I have 2 more loads of wash that I need to finish and a bit of vacuuming to do this morning and then I was thinking of finishing my last book for the summer reading list. I have 4 books for my autumn reading list yet to get started on. 
Well, all this shit isn't going to start itself. All y'all have a magical day.


The JR said...

Glad you got out, but sorry you paid for it.

Poor little Lucy.

We need rain badly.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i bet i would not even recognize new braunfels. i haven't been there since 1972! god i am getting old!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You've been a busy bee despite the rain and your sore back! Hope you feel better soon. And your memes for this post are all stellar!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about Lucy and for the pain you go through with your back and hip! The malls and developing are happening around here too! Big Hugs!

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