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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bringing You Up To Speed

What a waste of my precious time. I went to see my dentist and I have to be referred to a specialist for the root canal. Crap! It's a racket I tell ya. It will be almost a $1000 for the cap and that's not including the root canal. I don't have money coming out the wazoo. This is ridiculous!. The one good thing out of this is that it's not infected.  Soooo, next week Monday morning at 06:45 I will be getting my root canal done. Maybe the Mayans will be wrong on their calendar and the earth will end on Saturday.

To bring you all up to speed on my's feeling pretty good. I still have minor problems now and then. I just have to remember that I have limits now. I can't do all the things like somersaults and cartwheels and all that other cheerleader stuff David likes me ...uuhhh never mind. Anywho, my back feels good. I thought you, my minions, should know . Your fearless leader will be back in business again.

I'm also hoping to get back into the laboratory work again. Just gotta find some place that's hiring right now. My finances are nearly gone. I hate asking David to pay my bills. I made them, I should be the one to pay for them. I wasn't brought up that way by my mom, but it's my moral and ethical values that kick in. I had some great teachers growing up. My Grandmother on my dad's side of the family was one of them. She taught me the value of the dollar and what it means to be financially secure as a woman in a mans world. I love her dearly for that. Her cooking... nah. Her money sense yeah.
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