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Monday, August 16, 2010

Drillings And Dust And Flames, Oh My

Sorry, my minions. I usually have a post for you early in the morning but I had a bad weekend. Yeah, I did way too much as usual.

I made an appointment this morning with my dentist for Wednesday morning. It seem that a molar that a previous lousy dentist fixed was damaged. Idiot was taking out an old mercury filling that I had in that tooth, he drilled it down and then then accidentally  broke it down the side.  He told me not to worry that the porcelain would hold it together like glue and it would be as strong as the tooth. Wrong you asswipe.

Anywho,  I need to now have root canal and a cap to fix the bad fix from a dentist that should get the electric chair. Bastard!
Ok , I feel better. My dentist, now, is fantastic. She will do the exam early in the morning, so there shouldn't be too many other patients she has to run to in between doing my tooth. The fire extinguisher will be nearby just in case the tooth catches fire during the drilling part. And the complimentary bucket of sand just in case the fire extinguisher runs out. Also, I really hope the screaming and yelling and crying will be kept down to a minimum. Oh it's not my screaming and stuff, it's hers. "OH, THAT'S TERRIBLE! DON'T YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH? MY GOD! THE STENCH FROM THE ROT IN THAT TOOTH COULD KNOCK A BUZZARD OFF A SHIT WAGON AT 50 PACES. SHIT, SON OF A BITCH, THE ROOT IN THIS ONE MUST BE WRAPPED AROUND YOUR TOES." It goes on and on.
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