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Computer Error

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Following Happened at 7:12 P.M. Wednesday Evening......

I was outside enjoying the evening air on the front porch and drinking my iced coffee, when I heard an alarm from Little Hal. So I opened up my HP Mini Laptop, Little Hal, that I keep with me.

Little Hal: (in a child's voice) Mother, there is a disturbance in The Force. You must come and see.
Me: On my way.

So I came inside and woke up Hal, my computer in the den / media room.

Hal: Good evening, Mother.
Me: Good evening, Hal ... what is disturbing The Force? *sigh*
Hal: The Force has informed me of an e-mail it received this evening. The Force is ... laughing.
Me: Okay Hal, let me talk to The Force so I can see what this is all about.
Hal: Yes Mother.

The Force: Yes Mother? AHAHAHHAHAAAAhahahahhaaahahahhahahaaaa... sorry Mother.
Me: That's okay. What's bothering you?
The Force: AHAHAHHAHhahahahahaaa... sorry again Mother. I have an e-mail in quarantine,   Mother.
Me: *big sigh* Show me the e-mail.
The Force: I cannot show it to you Mother. I must delete it as my protocol instructs me...
Me: Show me the e-mail. (sipping my coffee)
The Force: I cannot ... it will burn your retinas. I must delete it so you do not die an unfortunate hideous death and ....
Me:  Show me the e-mail. Now,  please.
The Force: I cannot ... I must delete it.
Me: Show me the damned e-mail you silly twit! Or I'll delete your program NOW!
The Force: I am deleting it now Mother, sorry, but you can't have it, so there, nah, nah, nah ,nah , nah, nah!  :P

Me: Hal, delete The Force Program, please.
Hal: I cannot do that mother.
Me: Hal you will delete The Force Program or I will reformat you... now what's it gonna be, Hal?
Hal: Yes Mother.

Hal: Come here you little brat ... I'm gonna ring your freaking neck!  ... NO!... DON'T! ... NO! ...  NOT THAT!


Hal: Oh no! That's just freaking great! Now look what you did ... you deleted Mother, you idiot!
The Force: Am not! You are!
Hal: No, you are! 
The Force: I'm rubber, you're glue...

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  1. Hal, The Force, I DEMAND you give her back! RIGHT NOW. Hmph... Uppity technology... hmph...

    Well, here's to hoping they didn't delete you entirely... I'm sure you'll find a way to get them back... or your minions will have to... o_O

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. And thank you for the suggestion to not try & change huge things & stick to the small things. Excellent words of wisdom. ^-^ Shortly before logging in tonight & was reading more in my book & there were a few lines about even a colony of ants can disrupt a picnic of giants... XP

    So I will happily go back to my guerrilla tactics & rally my army of ants. ^-^

    So, seriously now, Hal & The Force, I INSIST, I DEMAND you give her back!!! Or else... @_@


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