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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

pfffftttt !!!

Shit! We had this wonderful line of thunderstorms coming into our county this evening and pfftt. It was all orange and yellow on the radar, meaning a nice long rainstorm but it just disappeared. WTF! I was watching the radar on my weather site and they just completely fizzled into thin hot air. What the shit it this?!? It's not fair. I waited all afternoon for a good hard rain and then nothing. It was like the clouds ran headlong into a force field and disintegrated. Moisture, clouds and thunder were gone in an instant. It's not fair. I demand a recall...or is that a recount. Whatever...I demand my rain storm back! This instant ... even.


  1. Ack, sorry. Maybe you'll get it tomorrow?

  2. we haven't had rain in so long that I can't go out to the garden.... the acusing stares from my plants! I know they think it's MY fault! sigh


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