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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Whole Week of Bling : First Item...

AHHHhhhhh, my minions. What on earth could make Mother (that's me) go bonkers. BLING, cheap or real, if it's real enough looking then I'll take the cheap bling, But it must be the real looking or pretty shiny, sparkly,  bling to make Mother happy. SO, my dear, dear minions, I will be showing you bling all this week. Bling that David, my hubby/plaything will not let me have in most cases, and in others I hide from him and tell him I bought it long long ago. I'm such a good lair when it comes to my sparkly bling.

My first bling item is something I found while on a surfing safari of the web. This is the CUTEST BLING EVER!! Well I think it is. I wanted to get it for my car but hubby/plaything won't let me cause he drives my car too. He said it was bad enough that I have blingy thingys hanging from my rear view mirror and have White Snow Leopard fake furs on the seats on my pretty white Honda Accord. You should see this little girl of mine she is SO decked out!!!. David is ashamed to drive her. He has also forbidden me to take pics of her and put her on my blog. * sigh* He is so afraid of stalkers.

Anywho, My minions. The first bling for Bling Week is OMG check this out! I really want this for my Baby Girl!   You have to go here and check this out, my minions!!!
The lashes aren't expensive and you can also buy the bling eyeliner, which is a strip of rhinestones to go on top of the lash line. They give you easy directions on application and everything. They look cute on any car. So Check out today's bling my minions and enjoy.
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